The Chrysalids Chapter 13 Summary

the chrysalids BY ntul 23gi11123 The Chrysalids society and our modern society is very similar because both societies are Judged how people look but a difference is how religion plays role in daily life, and that modern society is still accepting compared to the Chrysalids society. The appearance of a human in both societies is very big. People even in modern society are called bunch of names still, for example someone with braces or glasses are always teased. In the Chrysalids society this would be known as “a blasphemy against the true image of god, and hateful in the sight of god.

13) This meant that anyone that was not human like was killed (deviants). This also referred to plants and animals. The cause of deviation in the Chyrsalids society is because of the radiation from a nuclear war. The Chrysalids religion compared to modern society’s religion is very different. The Chrysalids society only thought in one perspective and one belief, whereas now in modern society there are so many perspectives and beliefs.

For example Sophie is a girl David met who has six toes, and if anyone found out she would be killed.

Sophie pleaded for her life the day David saw the extra toe, as she said “you mustn’t ever tell, never, never! Promise? ” (9) Luckily David is also a deviant and kept her secret. With this perspective and belief, the Waknuk society had an impact on controlling people’s actions that caused isolation and most people didn’t understand of situations like this at all.

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A big difference in modern society compared to the Chrysalids society is that modern society still accepts. If somebody was to have a disease or physical appearance problem, modern society would help them and ssist with that whereas in the Chrysalids society you would be killed.

The Chrysalids Chapter 13 Summary

In the story Joseph Storm David’s father had an incident with the Dakers cat. He believed that this cat was a deviant so he got a warrant for it and killed it. Soon after he found out that the Dakers cat was “a recognized breed of tailless cats with a well-authenticated history… ” (37) This shows how strict they were on appearance. The societys are similar in some ways because there is still rejection of appearance but differs because how religion is practised and also that modern society still welcomes everyone and isn’t killed.

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The Chrysalids Chapter 13 Summary
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