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The Cherry Orchard Critical Analysis Paper

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Essay on “The Cherry Orchard”

The play “The Cherry Orchard” last work of the great writer, AP Chekhov. He wrote to her, being terminally ill, as if saying goodbye to beloved Russia, remembering all the most important thing of the past, present, and thinking about the future, about what he will leave behind.

Different play heroes symbolize the past, present and future. For example, Ranevskaya and Guys obsessed with memories of times past, LOPAKHIN busy momentary issues, seeking to take advantage of all that he has at the moment, and Peter and Anya look far ahead, regardless of the actual events. So past, present and future find out their relations throughout the narrative. Each character speaks of his own, without listening to the other, with the result that “there is a silence in which you hear the distant sound of a sad broken string.” The inner drama of each is more important than external events. It seems that the author seems to ask readers questions and to myself why so foolishly wasting his life people? why it is so casual about relatives? Why spend so irresponsible words and vitality, naively believing that they will live forever and will be able to live a life without corrections, again? Heroes of the play and deserve pity, and ruthless “laughter through tears invisible to the world”.

The Cherry Orchard Essay

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AP. Chekhov has created an ambiguous work, the debate about the genre that exists to this day. While working on the play Chekhov spoke about her character as a whole, “came out I do not have the drama and comedy, sometimes even farce …” and expressed his dissatisfaction with the general interpretation of the play: “Why on posters and in newspaper ads my play so persistently called the drama? Nemirovich Alexeyev (Stanislavsky) to see my play positively not what I wrote, and I’m willing to give anything a word that both of them had not carefully read my play “.

” It’s time to go! In the way! “- with these words go out of the house, locking the doors. There remains only the old Firs, which seems to be all taken care of, but whom and forgot to send to the hospital. Fiers, sighing that Leonid went to the coat, rather than in a fur coat, lays to rest and lie still. I heard the same sound of a breaking string. “There is silence, and only heard as far away in the garden with an ax knock on wood”.

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