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The Case of White River Health System – Alternatives of Management Paper

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Hospital management is faced by multitude of jigsaws that requires critical analysis, appropriate planning, accurate implementation, and adequate evaluation criteria.

Such conditions are needed in order to ensure the stand of the hospital in various fields of importance. Healthcare depends on the managerial systems that interact with its subordinating members and wide scale contributing factors.

Management of such firm is absolutely different from business proposals or legal confinements such that, hospitals deal with real life care management and critical health care supervision. However, the factors of business and legal protocols are also part of hospital founding, which interacts with essential qualifications that are required as well in hospital managing.

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Financial matters, relationship managements, and interaction with community itself are the fundamental requirements of hospital funding since, this firm ought to serve community itself hence, the data of funding needs to be assessed through this channels (Haux, Brigil & Winter, 2004 p.12).

In the course of the case study, the strategically reopening of the Eastern Ozarks Regional Health System (EORHS) under the management of Executive Officer, Gary Bebow, of White River Health System (WRHS) is elaborated and analyzed under principles of management.  There are a total of five alternative management approaches that are presented to Gary Bebow in aid of hospital management.

The factors included in the case are scrutinized and categorized according to characteristics and functions. The main issue involves the opening of EORHS and its best placement in the society in order to function under maximum effectiveness in response to the people living in the community and nearby areas.

Scope and Limitation

The case shall revolve under the issue of EORHS opening under the leadership of Gary Bebow of WRHS together with the support systems and community citizens. We shall focus on detailed and objective approach in analyzing data and sequence of the problem. In the end of our case study, we shall determine five best possible management schemes for the reopening of the said hospital.

As the goal for this paper is the achievement of the best possible managerial approach for the management of the reopened hospital through the use of critical analysis. The following objectives should be attained by the end of the paper:

a.    To be able to present, define and evaluate five alternatives or strategies of management for the opening of EORHS hospital under WRHS

b.    To be able to provide analysis and justifications for the strengths and weaknesses including the political and economic issues involved in these alternatives proposed

c.    To be able to present one final recommended alternative accompanied by short-term and long-term financial impact on WRHS

The whole course of study shall move under assessments of data gathered and planning phases only; since, implementation and evaluation are to be done after an organized actual proceedings. Note as well that the whole problem analysis and interpretations shall only revolve under these objectives and goal imposed. Moreover, the case shall provide hypothetical alternatives supported by basis from the case itself.

II. Assessment

Essentially, the initial phase of the case discussion is the assessment of data gathered and cues involved. It is important to determine this data in order to formulate the appropriate planning of the sets of alternatives. Data cues that have been gathered are sorted according to their categories, namely support systems, community needs, financial database, and patient projections (Geisler, Krabbendam & Schuring, 2003 p.157).

Various categories involve the appropriate information that serves as the basis of presented alternatives.

About the author

This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on The Case of White River Health System – Alternatives of Management and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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