Candymakers 2

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The Canebrakes Isabella Cooley 4th hour 3/23/12 In the novel The Canebrakes by Wendy Mass, Logan, Miles, Daisy, and Philip are competing to make the world’s best candy. Logan is the son of the man who owns the candy factory Life is Sweet. When the annual competition comes to see which twelve year old can make the best candy, Logan enters along with 31 other kids but only three others practice at Life is Sweet. Daisy, Miles, and Philip all come eager to make candy, but each is hiding a secret.

Which one will become the supreme cankered?

The thematic statement I hose was “It is better to try something and fail than to never have tried at all. ” My evidence is that Logan made a delicious candy, but it didn’t do what he wanted. He didn’t win, but he knew that his dad was proud of him because he tried, and he was proud of himself. In the story, Miles has a burden.

He doesn’t know how to express what he’s going through. One day at the lake, he saw a bee follow this girl into the water. No one else saw her, just Miles. He tried explaining it to people, but they never really believed him. He always felt like that girl was watching him, ling him what to do.

The Candymakers

Daisy tells a story one night about how she practiced with her parents at the lake to see how long she could swim under water.

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Miles is relieved that she is okay, but mad that she never told anyone. On page 352, Miles says, “l was on the boat. The one Daisy swam under. Only I didn’t see her. All this time thought the girl-I mean Daisy-had drowned and hadn’t been able to save her. ” That statement helped me understand how he felt and how he thought she was dead. When Daisy tells Miles about the boat, he is shocked, but he was wondering why she did it.

So, of course she tells him why. She tells him that SSH?s a spy trying to get a secret ingredient for her client. But there is more. She’s thirteen, not twelve. So that means she cannot compete in the competition due to the fact you have to be twelve. Miles is shocked and doesn’t know what to do until she says her clients name. Miles tells Philip, and Philip says that is his father. On page 346, it says, “Philip reddened and plopped down on a sleeping bag. ‘That would be my father”. ” This shows me that Philip is embarrassed of his dad and basically assumed that would happen.

After that, he calls his dad to confront him. His father confesses and makes him a deal saying if he can win the contest, he won’t steal the secret ingredient. All the kids have a tough decision: to give up their dream of winning or forget about Philip and win. What would you choose? All the canebrakes decide to help Philip, although they decide Logan should still enter because its his dream. They help Philip and head to the competition. They have another competitor who has an awesome treat, but something is off about it. On page 426, it says, “A. J.!

It’s caffeine! Alex Grubber put caffeine in the I-scream! ” That definitely helped me understand how the other team had cheated. After all is said and done, they award first place to Philip from Life is Sweet, and the candy shop is saved. Overall, I really liked this book and all it had to offer for me. It had a lot of mystery in it, which I liked. I would recommend this book to people, but warn them that the point of view changes from person to person. I know that some people don’t like that in books. But, overall, it’s a really great book with a great moral.

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