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The Boy Without a Flag and Volar Paper

In this essay I would be using the stories “Volar” and “The Boy Without a Flag” to compare how the Latino writer reflects in its story. I would be discussing what I like to call “patriotic fanaticism”, nationalism and how the “immigrant syndrome” affects how Latino writers write. For me the “patriotic fanaticism” is the obsession of support and defense of one’s country in a disparagingly manner; while nationalism is the patriotic feeling, occasionally is an extreme feeling, especially marked by an absurd sense of superiority over other countries. I like to call the “immigrant syndrome” to when the circumstances of life force a person or family to leave their country and move move to this new strange place and have it so tucked in their minds that this is not the place for them to be that in one way or another they end up unhappy and unsatisfied. I honestly think that this three factors affect in a negative way how Latino writers perform in their career because it limits their work material; further in the essay I will be giving examples.

“Volar”, by Judith Ortiz Coffer, was included in The Year of Our Revolution (1998). It was published by Arte Publico Press, a premier Latino/a publisher led by Puerto Rican Nicolas Kanellos. The story is about a family of immigrants that move to the U.S. pursuing that which has been called “The American Dream” for a while now by many Latinos who move to the U.S. in search of freedom, money, and happiness. The girl in the family dreams about being a superhero herself with blonde hair, white skin, big breasts, and money. On the other hand, “The Boy Without a Flag”, by Abraham Rodriguez, was published in 1992 in his first collection of short stories. Rodriguez was born in New York in 1961, and now lives in Germany. In the story we see a how a father infuses his patriotic ideologies into his son, provoking his eleven-year-old boy to refuse to salute the flag of the…

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