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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – Analysis Paper

“The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” by John Boyne, is a story of two boys set in a time when truly horrific events were occurring. Through these rough times the idea that all men are equal is mentioned using various language techniques such as symbolism and irony. But Boyne uses three main ideas to convey equality and these are narrative voice, innocence and the similarities and differences between people.

Narrative Voice in the Boy in the striped pyjamas plays a significant role in conveying the idea of equality in the book. Bruno’s narrative voice allows us to see the happenings in the book in an un-biased way; it also makes the reader understand terms and places through Bruno’s voice because not all the facts are given straight away. Bruno’s childish understanding of the world allows us to see that all men are equal; this is stated when Bruno is talking to Shmuel ‘We’re like twins’. This quote shows us that the two boys lead very different lives where one is treated in the most horrific ways possible and the other is so pampered he is on the verge of being spoilt. We can see from this that these two completely different individuals share something common and insignificant such as a birthday. Bruno’s childish way of seeing things once again represents the idea of equality if you understand things without prejudice your views and thought will change. This is emphasised when Bruno sees Shmuel for the first time ‘the dot that became a speck that became a blob that became a figure that became a boy’ seeing Shmuel for the first time through Bruno’s eyes lets us see that a child will often see things differently than an adult because of their lack of understanding. Another way Boyne uses Bruno’s narrative voice to express equality is when Bruno argues with Gretel for treating Maria rudely, ‘he knew in his heart that there was no reason to be impolite to someone, even if they did work for you.’ Bruno’s narrative voi…

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