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The Book Of Love Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “The Book of Love”

I encountered in the network on this “masterpiece”. Looked at Bukmikse, it turned out that one of the books by this author already has a review, read it, posomotrela mixed reviews online and sdela conclusion – to accept the book should be as close as possible to close your eyes to count to 10 while mentally to return to their years or so 6 .

Remember your perception of the world, chat with friends, their interests, ridiculous situations, questions parents and

only then open your eyes and while all memories are not dispelled Snack quickly read, or rather even view this incredible book – a set of pictures Describing it is a wonderful feeling, “LOVE”

So, it all started very cute:. “Love – a feeling which can bubble up like lemonade!” Yes familiar, who does not like to holiday as a child to beg my mother to buy a Duchess or Pinocchio, but it’s good it’s love …

The Book Of Love Review

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were further mathematical formulas with hearts of love and sorrow buckets, beside which stood the equality and the inscription “love has a downside,” and all was seen on the example of withered flowers in a pot, okay it is also understandable, but the flowers and have withered in the house, well …

I just killed on the phrase ” from love you can fall in love, “here I am for the time was not able to do anything and fell out of his six, but packed up and moved on …

I stumbled a few pictures on the dog, about which in a fit of love is also possible zapnutsya..mozg has already started to warm up …

went on and then again with a flower pot, but beside him, for a moment, asleep standing very nesimpotishny type with a red nose and watering can in his hand, and the inscription at the bottom convinces me that this is love! quiet .. quiet .. comfort myself, close my eyes the example of the type and move on …

Valentine’s images are getting worse, they become thicker and lipped

Later, the author recalls us about God, while on the very next picture paints a canary in a skirt and her loving fans

then everything is very cute, and then who do you think:)))) sexual minorities. In my head there is a question: “Why would I know about it in 6 years?” Immediately conjure up a story in which a handsome prince riding a white horse to save his beautiful ..eee her handsome prince from captivity … and how he will lower his scythe to the rose … uh … do not understand well, warned also I continue reading

and here it is very interesting! the most terrible picture of genitals, that I saw! These incredible “cock” and “hole” will be remembered for a long time:))))) If I were a child, seeing this, the idea of ​​a prince I’d just crossed:))))))))) not to mention the fact, that would run to my mother in tears and asked her when the same will happen this horror and I will grow so big holes

then everything is not clear about some eggs and then they – the child tied to her mother, drawn at a great distance through umbilical cord and mother in a huge round red mouth lays all the small stuff such as potato chips and Coke and it all flows through the umbilical cord happy ebenku! And this is called love? :)))) We have a mother gave anathema in a society:))))

Well, what can I say, it may be European or American children so learn about the world, our, I think would have thrown the book or painted purple markers. Read it with your child, I could not. and no one would not advise this.

If you have decided to still look at it, here’s a link

Enjoy ….

P.S. if someone is inspired, in the author’s works there is still a book “On the poop”

About the author

This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on The Book Of Love Review and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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