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The Blast in Centralia Paper

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Those alternatives included focusing on; the lack f efficient timing in responding to recommendations, the lack of follow through in holding some entity responsible when those recommendations did not get addressed, the lack of setting professional boundaries between the owners of the Centralia Coal Mine No. 5 and government officials, and the lack of accountability on the managerial staff at the coal mine. I will also briefly address Scandal’s motivation towards the Constitution and bureaucracy. ‘ The Centralia Mine No. 5 , South of Centralia, Illinois, opened in 1907.

Producing up to 2,000 tons per day this medium- mall mine had about 250 hardworking men to get the job done. According to there hadn’t been many deaths compared to other coal mines, but that No. 5 was always dusty and dry. There seemed to be a great deal of non-compliance with the mining laws based on Scandal’s observations and recommendations. The first alternative that he could have focused on as the mine Inspector was why there was a time lag In response to the recommendations he made. Martin tells us there were a total of thirteen letters based on the reports of Scandal and no evidence that the coal company even responded.

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This went on for about three years and the coal company was never closed down based on the fact that the recommendations for improvements were never addressed. How could so much time elapse without someone being held responsible for not following the mining laws? Scandal continued his routine Inspections and often found the mine In worse condition than the previous time. With this continuing there was only a matter of time before the something was predestined to happen. Now focusing on the alternative that someone should be held responsible, Manager Brown never offered a plan on how e could assist in getting the mine up to code.

He never advocated for his employees nor challenged the horrible working conditions that ultimately led to their demise. Scandal also had the authority to close the mine down if it had “persisting violations” which It did. He worried about losing his Job If he decided to close the mine which proved to be a selfish move. He did however have to consult with the mining board if he felt as though he needed to close the mine and Robert Weir had already commented that “We honestly didn’t think the mine was dangerous enough to close. Why did Scandal accept this? He deemed the mine dangerous on all of his inspections but yet it remained open. This brings us to the next alternative Scandal could have focused on which was the professional boundaries not set between the government McCall Ana ten coal milling company Itself surely tense violations Tanat were found by Scandal didn’t suddenly appear overnight when he became the inspector. Who was the inspector before and why hadn’t they reported this enormous amount of violations and why hadn’t they taken action to rectify the issues?

The mining union even wrote a letter to Governor Green begging for help to enforce the inning laws and protect their lives. Governor Green promised during his campaign that he would enforce the mining laws “to the letter of the law’ but when the miners needed him he wasn’t there for them. Did the Governor have a personal interest in the mining company? Scandal appointed by Governor Green never lost focus of his job as the mine inspector as so many other inspectors had. Some inspectors would do their reports in the mining office and it was even rumored that at times the inspectors would have drinks with the company owners.

This showed in no way a noonday between the government officials and the owners. These inspectors clearly had an agenda and it wasn’t to protect the miners. The last alternative Scandal could have focused on was the lack of accountability on the managerial staff at the mine company. I briefly touched on Manager Brown earlier in this paper, but he did not in my opinion look out for the best interest of the miners who worked very hard on a day to day basis. He looked out for the interest of the mining company and couldn’t see past the money that was being made for the company by the dedicated miners.

Brown responded to some of the requests by saying that some of the miners were older and didn’t want to work the extra hours to fix the concerns. This was certainly a lot to ask of the miners, but why couldn’t they fix these concerns during there regular work hours? Scandal’s motivation towards the Constitution should have been to save these workers from what seemed to be a disaster that was coming anytime soon. Unfortunately, Scandal, as a public administrator didn’t hold his responsibility to the public because he did not do everything is his power to close down the mine.

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