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The Beatitudes – Relevance Today Essay

The Beatitudes, (the eight declarations of blessedness) are found in Matthew’s gospel (Matthew 5:3-12), where it says Jesus Christ gave them to us in the Sermon on the Mount. The Greek word translated “blessed” means “spiritual well-being and prosperity.” However, are they still applicable? Is there still a parallel between today and 2000 years ago concerning The Beatitudes? Some argue that the beatitudes are pointless in 2016 because it is only Christianity that are familiar with them. You could say that more people are aware about that Ten Commandments as they are a lot more famous. There is a probability that even a big portion of Christians haven’t heard of the Beatitudes. The second reason to accompany this is that people have busier lives in modern society. These were created 2000 years ago, so they may be considered outdated. How can we be sure that those exact words came from Jesus’ mouth and were not reinterpreted by others? This is a question many people today may ask, because they don’t have enough faith to believe without proof.

My third reason to support this argument is that the Beatitudes are just a set of words – they aren’t actions. Nowadays, a visual representation, such as a YouTube video, showing agape may be proved a lot more effective.

On the other hand, some people argue that the Beatitudes are still useful, especially considering we have recently entered the Year of Divine Mercy. This year is all about finding our true purposes in life – one of them being to follow the ways of God in the Christian community. “Every day spent with God is a pilgrimage” (CCC). Luckily, we have the Beatitudes that we should treat like an instruction manual to guide us through the year – and through life.

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Another reason is that The Beatitudes are in the Bible, which means that Baptists can join us in believing in them. Baptists are Christians, but only believe in things said in the Bible, so things such as the…

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