What Is The Beast In Lord Of The Flies

(2) Trace the references to the beast in the novel.Try to parallel this with the diminishing sense of order on the island and the boys’ gradual embracing of Jack’s savagery.What is the true nature of the beast on the island that Simon in unable to verbally define? In the novel, there are many references to the beast.Each one illustrates the gradual decline of humanity, and the rising of savagery.Simon is the only boy on the island who truly understands what is controlling the boys on this island, yet he cannot express his thoughts into words clearly, and ends up being killed for even trying.

In the beginning, the fear of a “beastie” on the islandfirst stems from a littlun with a distinctive marking, a “mulberry-colored birthmark” on his face, who says the beast comes out at night. Both Ralph and Jack, thinking these to be simply childish nightmares, comfort and more or less manage to convince everyone that there is no beast.

It is this same mulberry birthmarked boy, who disappears after the boys’first fire burns out of control across the island.Even though he had probably died in the fire, his disappearance was something that no one had ever accounted for, as no one knew the exact answer.This would have probably led to further speculations about whether there is a beast on the island.Ralph still retains control of the boys, and manages to maintain order. Fear of the beast has not diminished.Instead, that fear has intensified in strength amongst the littluns.

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Simon brings this to Ralph and Jack;s attention when he comments that the children are afraid of the beast as if ;the beastie or the snake-thing was real;.Here, Ralph begins to take this problem more seriously, for he sees it;s potential to become a full-blown issue, and raises it at the next assembly. The beast has now become a topic of discussion during assembly and the boys now openly express their fears.Simon has bee…

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