Bay Of Pigs Invasion Definition

In April of 1961, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) supported and trained a group of Cuban refugees to invade Cuba, unfortunately the foray failed. Inside seventy-two hours of the initial assault, isolated from re-supply, the nearly two thousand American troops ran out of ammunition and were beleaguered by Cuban militia and army units.While President John Fitzgerald Kennedy publicly took responsibility for the events, investigations verified that the blame should have been placed exclusively in the hands of the CIA for not fully informing him of the crisis at hand.

Regrettably, the extents of the consequences as a result of the failed invasion were yet to be fully recognized. Although the original confrontation was between the U.S. and Cuba, the threat of Russian action became a substantial factor. Overall, the Bay of Pigs invasion was helpless, useless and was disastrous for many reasons. The failed attempt wasted millions of U.S. dollars, time and resources, as it endangered and costed the lives of more than eleven hundred soldiers.

Questioning John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s ability as President, was the failure of the Bay Of Pigs Invasion. Due to the collapse of contact between the CIA and President John F. Kennedy in the invasion of the Bay of Pigs, an alliance between.

Cuba and the Soviet Union was allowed to arise and it powerfully tightened the tension between the United States and the Soviet Union, because we attempted to invade one of their alliances. Hence, undermining the Soviets authority.The invasion force was unequal to the strength of Castro’s troops, and by April 19 its last stronghold had been captured, along with more than 1,100 men.

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The captured members of the invasion force were imprisoned. From May 1961 the Kennedy administration unofficially backed attempts to ransom the prisoners, but the efforts of the Tractors for Freedom Committee, headed by Eleanor Roosevelt failed to raise the $28,000,000 needed for heavy-co…

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Bay Of Pigs Invasion Definition
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