Battle Of The Coral Sea Essay

World War II was fought from the year of 1939 till the year of 1945. This global conflict was a war between the great powers which then split into two opposing sides: the Allies and the Axis. The Allies consisted of the U.S., China, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Australia, and many more; whereas the Axis just consisted of Japan, Germany, and Italy. During this war, fighting constantly took place on massive front that stretched across nations and even bodies of water. There were so many battles within this war, many of which are unknown, but one significant battle is the Battle of the Coral Sea.

The Battle of the Coral Sea was fought between the days of May 4th through the 9th of the year 1942. This battle played a significant role in the global war. It was a battle between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States’s and Australia’s Air Force, fought entirely by planes over the ocean and aircraft carriers, where neither opposing side had to face each other on land.

This was the first battle to ever do so, making the Battle of the Coral Sea an important one in our history.

Essay Example on Battle Of The Coral Sea

The reason behind the battle was Japan’s desire to take control of the Coral Sea by invading Port Moresby in the south part of New Guinea to force Australia and New Zealand out of the war. It was a rather complex plan that required much naval coordination.

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They never expected the United States to be able to figure out this plan.Their first plan was to invade the island of Tulagi in the Solomon Island chain so there they could host a base. After that they would then continue eastward to Nauru and Ocean Island to take control of both islands for their benefit.When the U.S. came about to Tulagi invasion quickly, the Japanese fleet swung west to take them out. Then they go on westward continuing on planes, attacking along the Australian coast. This was all supposed to be apart of their plan, but the United States had something else in mind. The United States…

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