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The Barbaric Mongols Essay

In Asia in the 1200’s – 1300’s, Genghis Khan started exploring and recruiting an army. Many historians believe that the mongols were barbaric, because they were ruthless, uncivilized, savage, vicious, relentless and brutal. However, the mongols were not barbaric because they had many organized rules and systems.

This will be about how the mongols were very organized by ranks. They had a system when attacked or going into war. For example in document 2, According to the Author Genghis khan had to order the army to be organized. This shows that the mongols had to have the army organized to make sure they were good in battle. They had many rules that kept them in order and didn’t let them get off track. According to document 10 and 8 they had rules telling you what to do and to keep you out of trouble. These rules can be good to know because you could end up killed if not followed. Also you might get into deep trouble if you didn’t follow the rules they have. The mongols were very civilized. We know this because, they had cities. In document 1 they showed/ talked about how they had cities and that they split up into four different conanates. This means that because they had cities they were civilized. They also had a government. Although they had there things to show they weren’t barbaric, people found ways around believing these. Overall one of the reasons the mongols are not barbaric is because, they are organized, have many rules, and they are very civilized.

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While the mongols were very organized they had many rules, and were very civilized. They also had systems, three of them were the Yam system, Trade system, and Law system. The yam system was where they had to trade their horses. Also if they got hungry they could stop for food. According to document 9 the Yam systems were spread out every 25 miles, it hadhorses, food, and water waiting. This shows that they had to have this system organized so people could get out fast…

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