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The American dream Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: American Dream

This paper example uncovers the main arguments and facts regarding The American dream. Find out about The American Dream In The Great Gatsby in this essay.

The american fantasy , a fantasy introduced the ideals of life, liberty and happiness, is now only defined in pragmatic terms. Arthur Miller demonstrates how Willy’s blind faith in the American dream turns into an obsession with victory that destroys his entire life almost that of his family. Miller and his audiences communicate efficiently throughout the utilisation of techniques like motif and symbolism. I shall begin by focusing on his use of style and subsequently inspect using motifs from the drama.

Many symbols have been included from the drama. The seeds the racquet and the house are several of those symbols. The tennis racquet that Willy observes is an obvious representation of Bernard’s victory and the failure of Biff. Biff and Happy, who aspire to earn a lot of money out of selling sports equipment, are revolving their lives. Ironically, while Biff and sports played Bernard, who stood on the sidelines in senior high school owns the tennis racquet. Willy realises he never left any accomplishments due to his kids in his name after spending a lifetime following the fantasy that is unsuccessful. The seeds represent the legacy that his family will never be left together with by Willy. “Oh, I’d better dash. I’ve got to get several seeds. I’ve got to get a few seeds a way. Nothing is planted. I really don’t have a thing in the ground” (page 122) Through this particular scene, we see Willy’s final try to find reconciliation and forgiveness from his family. But, Miller emphasizes on the fact the effort of Willy is futile, that is evident as upon the garden, no sun light could ever fall due to this landscape and surroundings.

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One of the largest symbols regarding the emptiness of the American Dream could be rather or that the place the mortgage on the home. Linda says,”…I chose the last payment to the home now. Now, dear. And there’ll be nobody home” (page139) your house shows Willy and Linda’s 35-year fight to have their house, which paradoxically, is paid as soon as he expires. Miller skilfully employs these symbols to help the reader know comprehensive the battles over the Loman family.

Death of a Salesman exhibits many themes in its own circumstance. A good instance of a motif would be that the jungle that made Uncle Ben a lot of money. Whereas the jungle is all obviously life, the diamonds is symbolic of success. Since Ben explains,”The jungle is dark but full of diamonds” , this reflects the frenzy nonetheless profitable character of life taking risks. At the close of the drama, Ben appears and encourages Willy to input the”jungle” and retrieve the”bead” that is to kill himself for insurance cash thus making his life purposeful. Yet another motif Arthur Miller uses is his inability to tell the difference between wrong and right and Biff stealing. Willy reinforcement of the issue is clearly observed,”Sure, he’s gotId clinic with a law ball, does not he? Coach’ll probably congratulate you on your own initiative!” (page 1-9 ). This case leads Biff to believe that it’s okay, as long as it promises victory. Willy considers that you will not need to work up the ladder of success, thus Biff follows the case of his daddy, expects to”slip” his way into the top as opposed to working with this.

In summary, Miller’s criticism is successfully achieved in his use of symbolism and themes. The racquet as well as the seeds symbolise Willy’s inability to proceed in his lifein turn, this dividers him to the dangers of Biff’s forging customs, an motif in the drama, mistaking it for potential to achieve fantastic things rather than recognising the dependence as erroneous and dangerous.

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