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The Allele Frequency Research on the Use of Right Essay

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An allele is a any of several forms of a gene, usually arising wrought mutation, that are responsible for hereditary variation. Our experiment was formed to study the allele frequency in a single trait caused by a single gene. We conducted a survey to review the phenotype population of people at Southwest CAT. The research was organized to find the allele and genotype frequency of people who use their right hand versus their left hand. The data showed that the dominant allele was more frequent than the recessive, and the genotype frequencies amongst the three were not equal.

After studying the chi-squared tests, we have decided to reject he null hypothesis because there was a significant difference across the three genotypes. Introduction Alleles are stated by most dictionaries as “one of two or more alternative forms of a gene that arise by mutation and are found at the same place on a chromosome. ” They are what makes you look and act like yourself and how your traits are formed. Your alleles are passed down to you by your parents, which in turn, were passed down from their parents, so on and so on. Common allele traits are blood type, eye color, hair color, hairline and skin color.

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There are dominant and recessive traits. The dominant trait is the trait that you inherit, while the recessive trait is the trait that is not inherited. For example, if you have blue eyes, and your father has blue eyes, you inherit his dominant blue eye trait. We decided to study handedness for this experiment due to the fact that it’s usually clear to observe. Our research team had to walk to different classrooms and politely ask if a subject was right or left-handed. Right-handedness is a dominant trait while left-handedness is recessive.

These traits were represented with the letter H (capital H being dominant, lowercase h being successive) and were collected at SWAT from all four grade levels. In our hypothesis, we decided that there will be no significant difference in the allele frequency, because, due to natural selection, the dominant allele will naturally be more frequent. Method For this experiment, our hypothesis is that there would be many more right-handed people than left-handed people, and that there will be no significant difference found between the observed and expected allele frequencies of handedness.

Our N population consisted of the students who attend Southwest Career and Technical Academy, which is 1,400 people. We walked around the campus and surveyed about 13% of the total population. Our sample population (n) came down to 186 students. We had about an equal number of students from each grade level. There were 46 freshmen and Juniors and then 47 sophomores and seniors. Our grand total was 186 students. For our procedure, two group members traveled to different classes and observed each student in the class if they are right or left-handed.

If we couldn’t determine handedness, we politely asked and continued collecting data. We used a chart that let us clearly see all of the data surveyed, and recorded the handedness of he subject, as well as the gender and grade level. A couple of us knew upperclassmen, so we sent out those people to go survey, since they would be more comfortable with the procedure. Of course, we asked permission to take a quick survey before recording any data. We thanked every class for their cooperation and then quickly moved onto the next group of people.

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