Should 16 Year Olds Be Considered Adults?

Initially, when the age of sixteen comes around, a person chooses to be a licensed driver. This is a responsibility for that person to drive safe. Additionally, a sixteen year old has to obey traffic laws. This is a responsibility because if a sixteen year old does not obey the rules, a negative consequence will happen. A sixteen year old also has to keep a budget for the car. They usually have to keep the car clean and in good repair.

In addition, a sixteen year old also has, an important part in society, as he/she is required to pay attention to their driving, as well as those driving around them. This is considered an adult because the person is responsible for the actions that might happen. This is a reason why the sixteen year-old people want to drive.

Furthermore, a person at age sixteen can choose to be in school. This is another adult like responsibilities. Since the person can choose to be in school, it has made the person think like an adult.

The other issue is that a person can now be more responsible. The reason why most sixteen year olds stay in school is that they want to expand their education. Most sixteen-year-olds know that if they have a better education, they would have a better job that would have a better income. Winston Churchill had a passion to learn and that is why he became the Prime Minister of Great Britain. This is what the reward is when people do well in school.

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Additionally, a sixteen year-old person now also has to start think about career goals in life. Since a sixteen can have part-time jobs, this is crucial for a person that is starting to think about career jobs. A sixteen year-old person also might have to pay income taxes. A sixteen year old has also planned for the post-secondary institution is crucial to getting a high paying job. Most often, a sixteen-year-old person also does not think about relationships yet because they are too young. It also takes up valuables learning time. Albert Einstein started thinking about his career goals when he was sixteen. He went on to becoming very famous. This is a responsibility because people that work nowadays are usually adults.

In summary, sixteen year-old people should be considered adults because they can drive, choose to be in school, and when they choose their career goal. Wisdom comes by means of the acknowledgment of responsibilities and not become older.

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Should 16 Year Olds Be Considered Adults?
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