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The Age of Slavery: 1780-1860 Essay

In response to the film “Age Of Slavery 1780-1860” I took from the film that they were times when slavery in America was going to change, but there were obstacles that affected that from happening. During this time blacks took advantage of the law and their owners religions to gain their freedom. That led them to help other blacks and give them hope. Whites in America did not want to accept the fact that blacks could be equal, that is why slavery did not change during this time. Although slavery was taking a turn for the good in the 1780’s it did not last long. The invention of the new cotton machine turned slave owners away from their religious beliefs into greedierpeople.

There was a time in America when slavery looked as if it was going to make a change and end. This period was in the 1780s when a couple of slaves gained their freedom by knowing their rights and out smarting their master. Mum bet a woman slave from Sheffield, Massachusetts was the first to gain her freedom. The Revolution had brought new laws and one of them was the out ruling of slavery in Massachusetts. She knew her rights so she ran away to find a lawyer and gain her freedom. She found a young abolition lawyer named Theodore Sedgwick to file a suit for her case in 1781 he did and she won a gained her freedom. The evangelical movement was big during this period because in the bible says that all races are equal in the eyes of God. Richard Allen was a slave on a Delaware plantation who joined this movement because they offered opportunities for black people. He knew that his master was a very religious man so he figured that hew would be able to talk his master into letting the evangelical preacher to come and speak with him about slavery and how it was something the lord didn’t like. After the preacher came to the plantation Richard’s master was convinced and he allowed him to buy his freedom. Richard Allen went to Philadelphia because this was conside…

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