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The Advent of Plus Sized Modeling Paper

PLUS SIZE MODELING: OUR TIME HAS COME Plus sized modeling was something that was frowned upon and mocked when I first began in the industry. If you were not a size two, this career choice was not for you. The attitude of the industry at that time largely contributed to the negative emotions and mentality of most full fgured women that had the slightest interest in wanting to peruse this career path. But, now, things have taken a turn for the better.

Plus sized models have recently become more respected and accepted in the world of modeling, media advertisement and socially as a whole due to higher levels of self orth, self esteem and more importantly self love. This new attitude is being shown more by fuller fgured women of today as opposed to the timid, shy and afraid “fat girls” in the past. Some may argue that plus-size models have made huge steps in gaining respect in an industry that stresses “thin is in”. More and more full-fgured women have graced high-fashion magazines covers and walked in main-stream fashion shows.

Full figured women of today now have role models and mentors that we can be proud of. Beautiful women, which encompass a positive, confident attitude hat should have been displayed all along. An excellent example of such a woman is, Australian model Robyn Lawley. Robyn posed for the cover of French Elle, Vogue Italia, and French Marie Claire. Just recently, Robyn became the first plus size model for Ralph Lauren. One huge step for plus sized women, one huge step for plus sized women kind! For years the most common complaint has been that models are too thin.

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Over the past few years, the plus sized model is the focus of numerous news articles, magazines, and blogs. The plus-size modeling industry gathers more ttention now than ever before. The fashion industry make claim that they embrace women of different shapes and sizes, but it is obvious from most magazine spreads and standard model sample sizes that what is claimed is only to please the public. Thin models are not only favored, but given many more opportunities to book Jobs than full-figured models. Most would argue that thin models are favored by the industry because that is what society desires.

However, I would argue Just the opposite. The public desires thinner models because the industry has convinced hem that thinner is better. Discrimination towards plus-size models or Just average- sized women in general results in body image disputes over the world. Some examples of the full-fgured women and models making their voice heard are Plus Model Magazine’s editorial “Plus Size Bodies, What is wrong with them anyway? ” and Dove’s “Real Beauty’ campaign. These two movements fought back against the skinny mold and have brought the plus-size modeling industry to front page news.

Dove’s “Real Beauty’ campaign focused on encouraging women to embrace their bodies egardless of shape or size. The most well known part of the campaign is a photo of women with completely different bodies, yet all referred to as beautiful. The photograph generated a lot of buzz because it showed “average size” women accepting their bodies. Women are taught by the fashion industry that thinner is better. Everyday women are brainwashed to believe that they are only attractive if people are towards women who are not model thin. Dove started the Dove Self- Esteem Fund.

This fund fought to change the Western perception of beauty from uper thin models to making every girl feel comfortable in her own skin. Dove’s campaign rose awareness to the negatively changing image of what is beautiful. Movements like the “Real Beauty’ campaign are needed to help women with body image and self esteem issues. The modeling industry severely damages the way the world sees beauty. Women with a full-fgure or curves are seen as overweight. Plus- size models have begun to change this false idea put into place by the corrupt fashion-model industry.

It is sometimes unclear whether the modeling industry is eally making a change for the better, or if it is Just a fad to embrace full fgured women. In my opinion, any change is a change for the better. Plus size models, full fgured women of today, are constantly changing the age old ideal that a size 2 defines beauty. The higher the level of self esteem, self worth and self love that are held by full fgured women of today will continue to make a positive impact on society, media and in all “average sized” women in society everywhere. We will no longer tolerate the stigma of being known merely as that “fat girl”.

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