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Test Tube Mystery Lab Report Paper

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Paper type: Report , Subject: Lab Reports

Solubility can be determined through reacting two chemicals together and see if a precipitate is created. Previous knowledge of the solubility rules will help disclose whether two chemicals will or will not create a precipitate. When two chemicals do create a precipitate, it will be easy to determine which chemicals they are. In the end, one chemical will be left over. Safety: Safety is always the first concern in a lab. Prior to the lab, students were asked to identify where the eye wash station was, the fire extinguisher and blanket were, and the safety shower was. When working with chemicals it is essential to wear safety glasses.

Since the students were informed of which chemicals were going to be used prior to the experiment, the students should look at the Material Safety Data Sheet to see what safety concerns may come with the chemicals being used. In the experiment, the students worked with acids. To avoid spilling acids on their persons, the students used syringes to control where the acids were going to be placed. Also, at the end of the experiment, students properly disposed of the laboratory waste and washed their hands, washing away any Heimlich that they may have come in contact with.

Method: 1. Cuscus is blue. 2. Use litmus paper to find the two acids, HOSES and HCI, and the base, Noah. The litmus paper turned blue for the base and red for the acids. 3. React acids with all of the chemicals to find Cacao and HOSES, which creates a precipitate, while Cacao does not react with HCI. 4. React Noah with the remaining chemicals to find NICE, which creates a rotten-egg-like odor. 5. React HCI with Again to create a white precipitate. 6. BP(NON)2 and HCI creates a white precipitate. 7. BP(NON)2 and SKI creates a yellow precipitate. 8. Nab is the remaining chemical.

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Test Tube Mystery Lab Report

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