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Telling Lies in The Great Gatsby Paper

In the book “The Great Gatsby,” characters lie to have something their way or to obtain something they want. In Gatsby there are characters that lie like some of the main characters. For example Tom and Daisy have both lied to gain something that they wanted but it was more of an “emotional want,” causing them to be dishonest.

In the book Tom definitely has lied to get his personal wants. His affair with Ms. Wilson is considered a lie. Affairs in general are a lie because you are married to someone and at the same time seeing someone else, therefore lying because your partner simply doesn’t know. Not saying something is the lie. This could be seen as a facade lie because he’s putting on a “face” for Daisy who he’s married to and then there’s another “face” for Ms. Wilson. It’s basically a lie where you put on an “act” to suit the conditions of your lie. In the article “The Ways We Lie,” it says “facades can be destructive because they are used to seduce others into an illusion.” This meets the requirements of Tom’s affair lie in a way because he thinks Daisy is under the impression or “illusion” that Tom is only with her, even though from the earlier chapters we know that Daisy is aware that she’s being cheated on. People have reasons to lie. People don’t just lie for no reason for the fun of it. Tom’s reason for being dishonest is to gain what he wants in life. People have their needs and wants and Tom seems more prioritized in his wants than his needs. People’s wants aren’t always needed and can harm you if you’re only focused on that.

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In the book there is no concrete reason telling us why he is cheating on Daisy in the first place. Also, Tom appears as a person or comes off as a person who thinks that he is of high importance which really isn’t helping him in this case either. When caught in a lie there are usually consequences that comes along with it whether immediately or in the the long run…

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