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teenager: love or passion Paper

teenager: love or passion BY ‘STUDYit08 Teenagers Nowadays Teenagers nowadays are desperate. Everyday, it seems like their life is wasting away. They can’t handle routine,challanges and false masaquarades. Teeneagers nowadays cut themselfs with a razor blade Dressing their life in the darkest shade. Teenagers nowadays toy with the thought to die Helpless,hopeless, they break down and cry, sick and tiered of liflng a lie What if I tell you, that life surely is hard, but I haven’t planned on ending it right from the start? And what if I tell ya something completly new, that I’m a young person, but I’m able to be happy too?

Teenagers nowadays can’t accept themselves Judging their appaerances like a broken toy on the shelf. They simply don’t know how to eat, (without puking afterwards) or realize that it’s their body to treat(vital signs travelings downwards) They only care about what meets the eye kissing beauty in the eye of the beholder forceful goodbye. What if I tell you that me and my appereance might not be best friends, on your point of view it depends, but we get along well? Teenagers nowadays don’t know how to behave Declaring their souls to peergroup slaves. Only if we’re all the same, then we will be strong.

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The longning to be unique, tell me, is it really that wrong? They’re rude, vulgar and simply brats ‘Be one of us, allow yourself a nosefull of skatt. ‘ Screaming and punching, loosing their tempter time after time without any proper reason or rhyme. What if I tell ya, that I don’t project my self-hathred against others I don’t want to be one of this nelly little fakers Who simply are too afraid to be what they really are, too afraid that it might leave a scar. Teenagers nowadays are stupid Spitting their awknoledge out for the world to hear Tainting the air with theories about which Shakespear would surely waste a single ear.

The outside madders, the inside can mould away in misery. What if I tell you, that I don’t answer the questions about my futur with an apathetic shrug? Teenagers nowadays are addicted They drink, they smoke, gamble with their health They only see it, once that they lost their wealth Only when they’re high, they can bear beeing alive. Take another shot and dance with me on the edge of this knife. What if I confess to you, that I am addicted too? I’m addicted to life, I’m addicted to be, I’m addcited to everything this world offers Teenagers nowadays are rotten Lazy pigs, pussies, pricks

There’s no difference between bitches and chicks They’re all the same, in their litte universe Where they rule the kingdom, the children of the light They don’t need you to tell em that it’ll be alright. They’re already lost and don’t give a fuck You’re a nobody so don’t help them, tho it’d be for their onw luck. Blame it on the family, the poor bastards that raised this brutes. This are many prejudices teenagers nowadays carry on their back. Look in the mirror, feel free to look twice. Tell me are you really… this cold as ice? This stupid, this dump? Are your senses really getting dull and numb?

Are you killing your feelings, because they can bring you down? Did you forget how to smile and instead wear a frown? If this is what teenagers nowadays have to be Then please understand, but I dont want to be one of them. Drowning in this stereotypie. I’m a young person, please understand, that I’m not that useless as you want me to be. One thing abour teenagers nowadays I learned fast and clear: They live the second and be what they are, no matter what happenes my dear. Be whatever you want to be Be free you are Built up by persons who dont know you and have no right to Judge. You’re unique

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