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Technology and Virtual Reality Sports Paper


Virtual Reality has been the talk of the future and could be implemented numerous ways in various industries, but in this report, we will be discussing how Virtual Reality is giving Athletes a competitive edge in their respective sport. Virtual Reality is a new innovative way for a consumer to be in a dimensional world that we were never able to access before. Based off the settings that are programmed into the Virtual Reality algorithm you could be at home and watch a Charger’s game as though you are there on the sidelines. “Devin Poolman, senior vice president of digital platforms at Fox Sports, said VR may be more of a companion technology, giving viewers the opportunity to go back to watch aparticular play immersively through a “magic window” on their phones”(Baumgartner, 2016). You may only be able to watch the game on the sideline if you were part of the staff, but Virtual Reality gives you the ability to gain that experience from the luxury of your own home through a headset or through your phone. This report will illustrate what Virtual Reality is and how it is being utilized in sports for athletes.

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Target Lifespan

According to Derek Belch, Chief Executive Officer of STRIVR Labs, which is a Virtual Reality company who provides a service to sports teams, said during an interview that their time target for their service is roughly five years to develop. STRIVR receives shipments of Virtual Reality headsets from companies such as Sony, who has Playstation VR and Samsung Gear VR, HTC, who has HTC Vive, and Google, who has Google Daydream VR. All STRIVR does is record the simulation of real time practices to capture all possible plays ran through by professional/college teams with a 360 camera to provide those simulations to sports teams. STRIVR specializes primarily in football and hockey, but is developing software for other sports. When it came down to discussing the life span of Virtual Reality and the servi…

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