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Technology and Space Exploration Essay

Our lifestyles have changed immensely in just a few decades because of various technological developments and innovations. Additionally, governments and corporation around the world try to promote innovative technologies to contribute to the development of society and future prosperity. Space exploration is one of the most influential missions in the world and also a huge part of American history, since July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. There are many opinions as to whether space exploration is worthwhile. While some people believe that space exploration should be continued to promote our society, others feel that the disadvantages of space exploration far outweigh its advantages. Writers who discuss space exploration include Sian Meaney, who writes,“Space Exploration is a Great Waste of Resources” and Tom Robinson, who writes an article titled,“ Space Exploration is Not a Waste of Resources.”

Although both Sian Meaney and Tom Robinson acknowledge the benefits of space exploration on our daily lives, they have different perspectives regarding the prioritization of space exploration and its consequences.

First of all, both Sian Meaney and Tom Robinson insist that space exploration contributes greatly to technological development. Sian Meaney states that space exploration provides the major benefits of emerging technologies. In her article, she writes, “ I acknowledge that space exploration has led to the creation of beneficial technologies”(Sian Meaney). She admits that improved modern technologies is one of the outcomes of space exploration and is thankful for this development. Specifically, she is extremely grateful for Velcro. As for Tom ?Robinson, he too believes that space exploration contributes a great deal to new technologies. For example, he credits space exploration for advancements such as safer and faster planes, better housing insulation, robots and also practical improvements in our lives. In…

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