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Technology and Death in White Noise Paper

Near the end of “White Noise” by Don DeLillo, Jack and Murray go for a long walk during which they talk about the strategies for getting around death—the eventual end to all of us. In this section, Murray outlines three ways of coping with death. The three ways are faith in technology, faith in the afterlife, and murder. The first two are avoiding the real subject, a simple misdirection of this fear, removing death from self, and moving it to a place where it is out of control. The third is more interesting the idea of taking life and death into his own hands the only choice where a person has some kind of grasp on the control of one’s life, the idea of a dealer hitting blackjack the loss of chance. Although in all three cases there is no solution to helplessness of humans when you confronted with vulnerability of death this could never be truly overcome, and all of this are artificial ways of attempting to remove your fear of death.

The part of the technology although a frequent theme in the book, is hard to relate when compared to religion on the subject of dealing with death. The other two seem to seizing some kind of control over death unlike technology, Murray explains his feeling on about how technology is an way of allowing the growth of life, a kind of way of turning us into a vegetative state, where you can escape from the noticeable effect of death. This morphine like state when watching the TV is unreliable you see from the many experiences that Jack has in story, technology seems like a constant annoyance, it seems like every piece of technology has a virus continually failing him. Jack doesn’t want a synthetic reality for a human experience, Jack’s pursuit of technology as a way to escape death, makes him more worried about the resulting detachment from death. “A network of symbols has been introduced, an entire awesome technology wrested from the gods. It makes you feel like a stranger in your own dying.”(136-…

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