Besides, certain electronic devices must not be used on the aircraft at any time such as Bluetooth, Wi-If and remote controlled products but now customers can use bile data on the plane, which is called connect. 4 It provides limited network service to costumers. Moreover, its in-flight entertainment system offers video channels, audios, games and reading materials on demand system for First and Business class passengers. Cathy Pacific is exclusively showing popular Cantonese television drama series onboard from last year. It can attract new customers onto the plane to try the entertainment system onboard.

The series, produced by leading local TV station Television Broadcasts Limited (TV), further enhance the entertainment selection available for passengers. To conclude, the information technology can improve internal and external communications, raise revenue, cut service costs and improve the quality of services. 2) Technological advancement on weather forecasting Weather change is one of the reasons that lead to increase costs of Cathy Pacific. It may causes damage of the fleet and waste of fuel because of the unpredictable climate change.

Nowadays, airlines could move flight times to avoid storms since the technology of in-flight weather forecasting is getting more accurate continuously.

The improvement of radar and other weather- sensing technology complements become more accuracy then before. Not only for 7-day weather forecasting, it can even sense that there is an airstreams instantaneously. Therefore, the pilots can adjust the route of the airline to avoid unnecessary damage, and assure the passengers that it is safe on their trip. ) Energy Use of Cathy Pacific Energy uses is one of the technological factors.

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Cathy Pacific is committed to promoting environmental protection and limiting carbon emissions by investing in technology.

Nowadays, the fleet of Cathy Pacific is fuel-efficient but flying unavoidably release carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Cathy Pacific has participated in a voluntary programmer called Fly Greener. 5 Passengers who want to take part in this programmer may use cash to buy offset the carbon emissions of their flight. The online calculator will calculate the quantity of carbon emission is released by the passengers’ trip. The passenger can decide to pay for one flight only or make a lump sum contribution.

Cathy Pacific Airways

It shows that Cathy Pacific obey the polluter pays Renville to support environmental production. Moreover, those payments by passengers will be dedicated to Fly Greener for the improvement of the local environment. Although it raises the cost for limiting carbon emissions, it can show its good image to public. ) Waste management Since Cathy Pacific is committed to promoting environment protection, solid waste management and disposal is one of the most significant issues in the environmental management of the airline industry. Some of wastes come from in-flight catering service.

However, Cathy Pacific is trying to do cycling and removal of waste management. For example, aluminum foils can be collected during food cart washing for recycling some Of the food waste would pass to the waste disposal factory to reprocess for animal feeds. ) Promotion Cathy Pacific makes use of hi-tech promotional method by moving its infilling magazine from prints to pixels. 6 The monthly Discovery magazine is available as an pad app and everyone can download it from Apple’s tunes Store for free. Such an app features the same content as the print edition, and it also includes embedded videos, high-resolution images.

Those customers of Cathy Pacific can get the newsstands from their tablets and the content of magazine will automatically update each month. The customers are allowed to download the magazine onto their tablet to read in-flight. Conclusion of Technological Environment Analysis of Cathy Pacific Airways: Some of technological factors are beneficial to the development of Cathy Pacific even it costs a large amount of expenditure. Cathy Pacific has made use of the technological factors on such aspects that include communication, weather forecasting, energy use, waste management and promotion. For communication, the information system is flexible and reliable in Cathy Pacific.

It is effective to enhance the interaction between the customers and the company. The customers can get the information and check their schedule conveniently. Moreover, Cathy Pacific provides a safe and comfortable trip for each flight. The accuracy of in-flight weather forecasting is keep improving. Cathy Pacific takes environmental and social responsibilities seriously.

Limiting the emissions of greenhouse gas, recycling and reprocessing of food waste are its daily tasks. Moreover, it takes part in a Eng-term campaign called Fly Greener to support environmental protection.

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