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Technological Advancement in Cat’s Cradle. Paper

In the recent past, technological advancement has grown more dangerous since major inventions were made in the 19th century. The current advancements of technology are turning out to be more dangerous, and may lead to the ruin of the human could mark the destruction of humanity. In Cat’s Cradle, the theme of the dangers of technological advancement is well-developed, as science ruin the survival of humans. Vonnegut demonstrates that the technological advancement can cause damage on the entire world through some of his characters. In the modern world, the society is tainted with numerous ways that further prove that technological advancement can be disastrous to the humanity.

In Cat’s Cradle, actions of the main character showed that the advancement in technology is dangerous.The author shows that the human’s attempt to have control of nature, life and death cause them to create fatal arms including atomic bombs, which are prevalent in the modern world.Hoenikker, a character throughout the narrative, was a scientist who had no capacity to mind the affair of other people. Hoenikker invented a weapon made of stacked atoms that “freeze–in the different fashion” (Vonnegut, 20). The weapon was even superior to other weapons. The weapon was liquid in nature, which was developed to offer the Marines a material that dries the mud and is portable. While the new weapon had the capacity to dry all the mud, it would go further to dry all liquids found on Earth, thus leading to the destruction of nature. The scientist lacked the care and interest on the effects of creating such a fatal weapon. He only cared for “Papa” and “went to his support, feebly, incompetently” (Vonnegut 65).While at the cottage with his children, Hoenikker died and his children shared the weapon among themselves. Eventually, his children became inconsiderate of their actions, and just like their father, they gave the weapon to untrustworthy persons. The…

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