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Team player Paper

A team player is a person willing to work, collaborate, and support his peers. First a team player is a hard worker. He will push himself beyond his own limits and demonstrate that a Job is never too hard when we all work together. For example, someone lazy on a team like a coach or a bad player could cause a loss rather than a win by not performing to his fullest potential or not working hard enough to support his peers. Therefore, a team player is always looking to perform at the very best of his skills to help his team be successful.

Next a team player cooperates with his team ND works along with it to help his peers complete the task if they need help. For example in a restaurant kitchen everyone needs to be a team player and has to work with the others and help each other if they need a hand to finish an order, in the grill station sometimes there are too many orders for one cook to handle then all so other cooks or the chef step in the station to help the cook pull out the orders . A team player also respects others points of view and opinions which help him grow and helps the others.

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Finally, a team player Is energetic, and brings encouragement ND support to his team he cheers them up, and is always willing to give a hand to a teammate for example in a baseball team, players train together,pet talk each other, communicate each other to strengthen their relationship as a team . A team player brings security and happiness to the team when he’s around and his peers look at him as a figure or an Idol. For example players In a team look up to be the best,respected and admire by his peers. In conclusion, a team player Is willing to support, collaborate and be completely Involved with each member on his team.

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