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Tea with a Black Dragon: Literary Analysis Paper

At first I thought Martha Macnamara was the main character as the book initially started off with her at the beach. In the first few sentences we learnt that she had traveled afar to be somewhere, giving off the impression that she had some sort of adventure ahead of herself. In the second page, we learn a little more at the purpose of Marthas trip to the west coast. She thinks about her daughter Liz and questions where she may have disappeared to. This leads us to further inspect that the book will be about Marthas hunt to find her daughter in a city she travelled from New York, across the country, too.Martha notices that Liz has gone out of her way to make sure Martha was more than comfortable. Everything is a little too pricy for her preference as she claims that “with the price of a night’s lodging at the James Hearld she could have bought that bass bow she’d wanted since june” (pg 2)

As Martha spends “so much of her daughter’s money” she actually experiences what I like to call “Mothers Intuition” as she feels that “it was all very strange.” “The smile disappeared from her lips as she considered how strange.” This is an example of foreshadowing as the reason Liz is in trouble is because of how she was making such a large amount of money. Later in the book, From Liz’s point of view, she explains why she decided to pay so handsomely for her Mother Martha’s trip to San Francisco. I decided that if I were going to dump the bad news on Mother, I’d treat her well as I could in the process Maybe I did it for my own sake, to salve my conscience” (pg 58)

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This is where I got a little confused as the main focus shifted from Martha to the man she met in the Hotel. At first he was merely just a man she was interested in for reasons she did not quite understand yet, but then she disappeared and Mr. Long became the primary character. This makes sense as to why the writer always wrote speculations first from …

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