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Talk about environment pollution Paper

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Do you recycle? Yeah, I do. How about you? Only recycle glass. Recycle everything! Recycle glass, paper, and plastic. That’s cool. I guess you care about the environment a lot. I do. Pollute way too much. Don’t know a lot about pollution. Well, there are many different kinds of pollution. Oh, really? Like what? Yes. Air pollution and light pollution are two of them. How do people prevent pollution? Think people Well, driving less and using clean forms of energy prevent pollution. Don’t cigarettes pollute? Yes, they do. People should be more considerate. Ink people should do more to protect the environment. Me too. The government should also be involved. Guess so, but its really the people’s responsibility. What about businesses? Businesses have gotten more mindful of the environment. Yes, they have. I’m glad that car industries make hybrids now. Me too. Electric energy and solar energy are really cool. We should use solar energy more, it’s so smart! Don’t know, I think electric energy is cooler. Both of them are necessary. Why do you think that? Well, with all this overpopulation, humans are using up their resources.

This is true. We have to start looking for more. Yeah, overpopulation is really a big problem. It’s a big problem for people and for nature. What do you think we should do about it? Sadly, there isn’t much we can do. At least people are looking for alternate forms of energy. Yeah, some people think worrying about it is pointless. Disagree with them. Me too. They care too much about standards of living. Well, you can have a high standard of living and still care about the environment. I completely agree! Talk about environment pollution.

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