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Tailoring Your Strategy To Fit The Culture Paper

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In this article, I will discuss three aspects of global strategy: the company’s mission, villous and Identity, brand strategies, and ammunitions. Drawing upon Egger Hypotheses dimensions of national culture (see Five Cultural Dimensions) and my own extensive research and consultancy work, I will consider ten convergence Ana Leverage AT consumer behavior across countries, in order to help managers better understand the relationship between culture and strategy. Recognizing the differences will lead to increased efficiency in a company’s global marketing effort and will ultimately condition the success of any multinational enterprise.

Essay Example on Tailoring Your Strategy To Fit The Culture

Mission, Vision & Corporate Identity A crucial element in the strategic planning of any organization starts with its mission statement, an explicit formulation of what a company stands for, and linked to this, a vision statement indicating where the company wants to be in the future, sometimes expressed as its strategic intent. Mission and vision should give focus to everyone who is involved with the company, be it directly (employees) or indirectly (shareholders). This document is authorized for use only by Nail Wises at until May 2014.

Canon’s corporate philosophy of kisses. Apart from the collectivist values such statements express, they also indicate a high degree of power distance, as in the case of Toyota, whose mission is headed: “Message from Top Management. ” Also, contrast Microsoft’s mission, “To help people and business throughout the world to realize their full potential,” with Philips’ to “Improve the quality of people’s lives through timely introduction of meaningful innovations. The former reflects the Anglo-Saxon value of self-actualization, while the latter reflects the quality-of-life preferences ore in keeping with the Dutch character. In all these cases, it is vital that a company review its mission statement in light of its own cultural Dallas. A company’s blew AT Itself ultimately rennet’s ten values AT Its leaders and if these values are not shared across cultures, then stakeholders elsewhere may have difficulties identifying with the company.

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A truly global company would include values that are shared by more cultures than Just its own. Based on its mission and vision, a company then distills its corporate identity, which also reveals its core values. Usually the task of creating a corporate identity begins with the election of an appropriate corporate name. Other factors that contribute to corporate identity include the logo of the organization and marketing communications. All this, including language, lettering and associations, is logically a reflection of the home country of the organization.

The British communications consultant Nicholas Mind has defined corporate identity as “an organization’s identity in its sense of self, much like our own individual sense of identity. Consequently, it is unique. ” If we consider this definition carefully, we see that it is, in fact, a culturally bound concept. First, the quality of uniqueness resonates primarily with individualistic cultures. Furthermore, the insistence by many organizations that there be worldwide consistency of all the elements of corporate ID, so that the company is perceived universally, again derives from Western notions.

In reality, corporate identity translates differently in different parts of the world. Sticking to uniqueness and consistency in corporate identity can be counterproductive, YOU Although the concept of the mission and vision are Western inventions, the practice has been universally embraced by companies worldwide. Providing a statement that expresses a company’s strategic intent, its philosophy, values, ethics or operational effectiveness has become standard global management practice. Yet closer analysis of such statements reveals telling differences in content and form across the world.

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