The following sample essay on “Hannibal Tactics” is about a Carthaginian general who reads as one of the greatest generals and statesmen of antiquity. It also discusses the military strategy he used successfully.

The banks of Lake Trasimene were glistening in blood as the last Roman soldier was slain. The army of Carthage won yet another victory against the Republic of Rome. Hannibal’s tactics and maneuvers led to the death of 15,000 Roman soldiers because of a surprise attack out maneuvering the Roman army.

This was the battle of Lake Trasimene, during the First Punic War in 217BC, Hannibal’s army had the opportunity to lay siege to Rome after decimating one of the immense forces of the Republic of Rome.

Standing between Lake Trasimene and the city of Rome was only a two-day, 80 mile, march to the gates. Hannibal could have given the orders to march on the Capitol, but stopped short and never attempted an attack. Scholars have assumed that Hannibal did not have the siege equipment, reinforcements or even the supplies to begin his march.

Some have thought, quite possibly, he may not have had the desire or the ability to destroy Rome at the time.

If Hannibal had the siege equipment to storm the wall, reinforcements to outnumber the Roman guards, and the overall attack strength to take Rome by sheer force. Then we would have had a change in our history, and the fall of Rome would have come much earlier than history remembers. Is it possible Hannibal could have overcome these obstacles to defeat Rome and save Carthage for its future demise? Or, was the fall of Carthage ultimately inevitable?

The first thing Hannibal needed to sack the Republic of Rome was siege equipment.

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Siege equipment has been most notably essential to breaking through the enemy walls and barriers in ancient history. Roman fortifications were well supported and strengthened. Rome’s walls were built over sixty feet high and surrounded the city by twelve miles (Toy chapter 4). Towers were placed roughly every one hundred feet, along with eighteen gates to strengthen its structure and accessibility for Rome’s people (Toy chapter 4).

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