Difference Between Omnipotent And Symbolic View Of Management

This assessment covers topics you have learnt in unit 2. This is an individual assignment. No duplication of work will be tolerated. Any plagiarism or collusion may result in disciplinary action. 2. Answer ALL questions. 3. Please write your answers in the essay format. Do not answer in point- form, unless the question mentioned “List” or “State”.

Essay Example on Difference Between Omnipotent And Symbolic View Of Management

You don’t have to write sections of introduction or conclusion in your answers. Just answer directly to what the question is asking.

. The total marks for TAMA 2 is 100 and this contributes 15% towards the total weight of the course. 5. The deadline for the submission of TAMA 2 Is during Tutorial 3. Please submit your answers to your tutor.

Question 1

In management theory two views about management have been put forth, one being the omnipotent view and the other the symbolic view. Differentiate between the symbolic view and the omnipotent view of management. Include specific examples of each view to support your answer.

(20 marks)

Question 2

An organization exists in a dynamic environment. Describe what is meant by the specific and general environments within which organizations operate. Provide examples of each type of environment.

Question 3

In the modern world of globalization, international business is becoming increasingly important. List and discuss the three attitudes managers might have toward international business.

Question 4

List and discuss five arguments in favor of business social responsibility and five arguments against it.

Question 5

Professor Greet Hefted has conducted extensive research on national cultures which helps managers to better understand international management and Malaysia was included in his sample.

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List and explain Hypotheses five dimensions of national culture.

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Difference Between Omnipotent And Symbolic View Of Management
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