Airbnb Swot Analysis Detailes

Services provided to visitors include rating, review of previous guests and other users’ recommendation and so on. So far, Air has experienced enormous success with over 1 million hosts and travelers, over 10 million nights booked.

Swot Analysis Of Airbnb


Technology Skills: Airbag has at its disposal some of the world’s best software engineers. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, near the so-called Silicon Valley.

Leading Brand: Airbag is the company’s only brand image, which works in the company s favor.

Airbag operates in a niche between conventional accommodation and more allowable options like Surcharging.

Distribution channels: Airbag utilizes both HTML websites and mobile APS. The company has acquired smaller travel companies and entered readerships with cleaning companies.

Customer loyalty/relationship: Airbag is partnered with Concur, who are an expense reporting service for businesses. The Airbag website includes many ‘blobs’ aimed at both lodgers and property owners

Production quality: The mobile APS have high ratings on their respective app stores.

Customers generally enjoy the way of traveling encouraged by the service

Scale: Airbag used venture capital to purchase College, a German clone of their website, officially marking their international expansion.

Management: Co-founders Brian Checks and Joe Gabbier both radiated Rhode Island School of Design and their efforts drive both website and product design, but also the company’s growth.


Weak brand: The idea can easily be copied Companies tend to focus locally instead of internationally Ex:- Wind. Mom Low customer retention Airbag acts as mediator between the host and the customer Bad experiences of customer leads to customer dissatisfaction.

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Might not use Airbag again. Demand for more customer service: Exponential increase of users of Airbag each year Customer service is inadequate to meet with customers demands Bad encounters result in bad reviews/several complaints Ex:- Host had to go through a strenuous process to get a refund. Increase of rental/housing prices Renting flats or houses is an increasing trend Airbag provides more money making purport nineties More likely to keep flat empty than give it to anyone.

Housing problem generated in the long term.


Current Situation: Opened 11 new offices in 2012 Concentrated in Europe, then the Americas and few in South/East/South East Asia

Expansion in different markets: Reach out to the undeveloped business areas Ex:- Unpopular tourist destinations Introduce online service to house owners Integrate Airbag’s Platform with other outlets: Create partnership with other services Ex:- Airline agencies, travel guides etc.

Same lender minimizes the inconvenience and increase usage Seasonal and periodical promotion: Reward-giving events (ex:- Goad) Sales Increase attractiveness and boost sales

Increase in Physical Offices: More local teams Better comma inactions Attract more potential consumers Educate the new users and retain previous customers


Similar Competitors: Some competitors like flats. Com, wind. Com.

Budget Hotels: budget hotels have low prices that take the market share of Air o unpleasant Host Experience: The have been some law suits about he lodgers have parties in hoses room.


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Airbnb Swot Analysis Detailes
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