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Meghna Group Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Blue Brain Technology

Meghan Group has already invested USED 1 Billion for setting up new lines of business and great expansion programs such as chemical complex, power, salt, seed crushing, cement and media. Meghan Group has contributed almost 75 million US Dollars as Tax to the state exchequers in Fiscal year 2012-2013. Corporate Vision, Mission, and Values: Vision: We are passionately creating sustainable economic value for our country and stakeholders by contributing to the industrial development of the nation and fundamental requirements of our consumers.

Mission: We would like to enhance our capability in a competitive and globalize environment levering superior and sustainable value within next 5 years. Values: MGM’ pays attention to the safety of people and products, acts pro-socially and is environmentally friendly. MGM’ is sensitive to cultural differences, treats social and commercial partners with respect and facilities the development of its partners. FMC Products and services: Fresh refined sugar: Fresh refined sugar is produced without any human interference using the most modernized process and state-of-the-art technology which guarantee its purity.

Fresh refined sugar is packed in approved food graded pack with anti-wet process to maintain the cleanliness and clarity inside. Super Fresh soybean oil and super Pure vegetable oil: It follows 3 steps of refining process-perfect Deducting & Naturalization, Balanced Decentralization and Five steps Deterioration to ensure right ratio of Omega 3 & 6 and intact Afternoon in Soybean Oil. Fresh mustard oil: karma Mustard 011 Malls Elemental produces ten Telnets Mustard 011 Ana Mustard o Cake under the brand name of Fresh.

Meghna Group Product List

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Fresh Mustard Oil is produced from world’s finest & best quality mustard seeds and purified properly in an automatic plant. The legacy of this brand is to provide its great pungency & natural taste to the nonusers. Also it connotes the heritage of our Bengali culture. Fresh data, Fresh Maida & Fresh juju: Fresh Data, Fresh Maida & Fresh Juju offers the best quality and taste. The brand carefully selects best quality wheat. It uses multi step cleaning process and computerized Bluer milling technology to keep nutritional goodness intact.

Fresh dishes musher deal, Fresh anchor deal: Fresh Deal offers the best quality and taste. The Lentils are major collected from various local sources, directly from farmers. To ensure best quality the factory uses Optical Clerestory Z+ machine from Switzerland. Fresh Deal is considered to be the best quality deal of the country. Fresh full cream milk powder, super Pure full cream milk powder: Fresh full cream milk powder provides the essential energy and nutrition for kid’s and adult’s intelligence, growth and strong health.

Its cooling helps in brain development, its protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus aids in better growth and finally vitamin A, B, D and Zinc helps to build better immune system. These three nutrients allow your kids to become invincible. No. L sweetened condensed filed milk: Tasmania Condensed Milk Limited is the largest condensed milk factory in Bangladesh tit the most modern hi-tech and automatic process technology. No. 1 Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk is made in this factory by using quality milk powder, refined cane sugar, purified fat, lactose, non fat milk solids & I-JP treated water.

No. L Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk is homogeneity, pastured and flash cooled to guarantee the best quality SCOFF with smooth texture and complete nutrition. Fresh super premium salt: Fresh Super Premium Salt is produced by using the combination of Switzerland World Latest Technology and Vacuum Evaporation System which can remove all impurities and ensures a natural balance of all minerals like Sodium Chloride, Iodine, Calcium and Magnesium. As a result it helps to create balanced electrolytes, activate nerve function and carries the nutrients to reach every cell within our body.

Its balanced Iodine also helps to promote brain development and improve immune system. Super Fresh drinking water, No. L drinking water: Super Fresh Drinking Water is popular and the market leader among the drinking water Dramas In Bangles. It Is clear, transparent, Tree Trot microorganisms Ana refined in seven stage of purification process as De-lord, Pre-ozone, De-Odor, Softening, Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet Treatment and Connation. Hygiene practice is maintained in every step of our refining process.

So, Super Fresh Drinking Water is safest, reengineering, refreshing, trendy and suitable for human body. In February, 2013, a new brand of water “No. L Drinking Water” also was introduced to the market to cater the popular segment Fresh premium tea, Fresh addenda tea, Fresh dust tea, No-I leaf tea, No-I strong tea: Fresh tea is the best Tea blend of the country with the best raw tea carefully chosen from the best gardens of Bangladesh. Fresh tea has great strength, mouth fullness & taste. Along with bright liquor, attractive color and natural flavor it gives the best Freshness.

Fresh spice: To spice up our daily life with good taste and add a healthy punch to all our breakfast, lunch and dinner; Spices have become essential. With latest grinding technology and a modern, hygienic manufacturing process, Fresh spices has been able to create a strong foothold in consumer mind. For its obsession with quality management, spices with international standards are also being exported to several countries. Corporate social responsibilities (CARS): The founder of Meghan Group of Industries, Mr..

Meghna Group

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