Film About Exploring the World of Fast Food

The following sample essay is about a movie where the protagonist explores the world of fast food. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Super Size Me Is a film where morgan spurlock examines the world of fast foods. He uses himself as a Guiana pig exploring the different effects of substituting meals for McDonald’s for thirty days. The film presented various of themes but one theme that clearly stood out was fast food being a threat to the public health through obesity and addiction.

The theme was supported by the use of different conventions such as professional/ talking head interview, montage and Giggly camera.

It Is showed to us that these Junk we eat from McDonald’s In particularly or any other fast food is a threat to our health, resulting in different kinds of diseases, mental disorder and may also result to death. This is clearly presented through the convention, experts/talking heads. Several doctors, dietitians, lawyers, school directors, surgeons, lunch providers, nutritionist and anyone who plays a part in the clash of fast food companies and public health were Interviewed and showed.

They al recognize that these fast foods are a threat to our daily lives which Is some of the mall causes of the different effects and consequences that are clearly dangerous to public health. The variety of talking head interviews allow the viewers to understand more of the dangers of these junk foods which is a poison to our health. A lawyer that was interviewed was John F Bonanza.

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He is the first lawyer to sue the tobacco company and now going against the fast food industry. He stated that “Obesity is now overtaking smoking as a major cause of preventable death in America, with over 00,000 deaths each year with related Illnesses”.

Super Size Me Conclusion

TLS brought a sense disturbance and realization to the viewers, helped them experience the Impact of the effects of eating fast foods. Talking head interviews emphasized that the fast food industries exist as a threat to our health, highlighting the deadly effects of eating them. The theme that was evidently used was fast food being a threat to the public health which leads to obesity. Morgan Spurious- the creator and director of the film particularly used the convention montage to show and support the theme of the commentary.

Throughout the film they used lots of different montages showing photos of McDonald’s, Junk foods and obese people. They positioned shots differently and was obviously putting them In a particular order helping in focus to the agenda of McDonald’s and the effects of their food to the human body. An example that was used through the use of the convention was a scene when they showed photos and videos of the different products of McDonald’s and right after they showed corpulent adults walking and riding In motorized shopping carts.

It Is almost telling the audiences that the main reason of why these people are extremely overweight is because of McDonald’s. The use of montage helped emphasis clearly the different effect of fast foods, particularly obesity. The theme that was distinctly recognizable In the film was fast food being a threat viewers through the use of Giggly camera. Throughout the film they have used various scenes that was recorded by a hand held camera. At first they used proper, steady cameras showing Spurious buying his first McDonald’s and after a while they slowly darted to use hand held camera.

The hand held camera helped made the viewers feel a first hand experience to what was happening to Morgan Spurious as he was doing his Emceed. It helped slowly build up the idea to the viewers that Morgan Spurious was becoming addicted to McDonald’s. Giggly camera made us as the viewers feel like we are running together with Morgan Spurious, making it look like we can also feel the mood he is having Just like feeling sick when he feels sick. It convince us that what was happening to Spurious wasn’t Just transformation but is real.

Some scenes were a bit like an interview to himself through Giggly camera which summarized to what was happening to him from the few past days. A particular example was when they use Giggly camera for the scene where Morgan Spurious was sitting on his couch saying he was feeling bad, feeling sick in his car but when he got his McDonald’s he felt better, happy and good. He also said that he crave the food when he eats it and gets a massive headache when he doesn’t. By the use of such powerful scene, as a viewer you become more disturb by these fast foods and the wreaths it gives to your health such as addiction.

Giggly camera highlighted the theme of addiction that is caused by eating these Junks. Super Size Me is used to display important ideas about our modern society, creating awareness in a particular audience to ensure that substituting meals for fast food does not continue. Throughout the documentary, viewers are shown of the theme fast food being a threat to the public health through obesity and addiction.

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