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Summary of ueec Paper

Water plays an important role in humans daily life as humans can not live without w eater . Water scarcity has become a significant problem at present . The main reasons about water scarcity in Australia are overuse water in daily life and over extraction of water for irrigation in agriculture and affect social and environment . TLS essay will evaluation possible solutions to the problem if water scarcity caused by do messes and irrigation . It will focus on save water In dally life and desalination . The saving water is a strategy which could alleviate the problem of water scarcity .

In this way ,educating citizens to saving water Is essential for schools and Australia g overspent to making public service advertisement . There are many petty things ABA UT saving water in everyday life ,even though there are petty which useful and easy to do for Individuals -For example ,low fluent type of taps ,reuse water and closed tap when brushing tooth . Using other resources of water Is an effective method for water shortage . Another all aviation strategy is using new technology to desalination . Australia is a huge island surround by ocean ,therefore ,desalination can not be ignored .

Desalination can products large amounts of fresh water from seawater . Although desalination is expensive and cost high energy can still be a valid way to solve water shortage . For extant ,there is a desalination factory in Marabou of NEWS . In conclusion ,water scarcity in Australia should be pay more attention whether it will makes different types problems for Australia . Alleviation strategies with this issue include saving water and desalination ,while these approaches are unlikely to solve the problem completely ,they have time to help human to facing water shortage .

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