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Summary of To Kill a Mockingbird Paper


A great man once said “A lie cannot live”, although this great man with the name of Martin Luther King Jr. said that a lie cannot live, it turns out that a lie can do many other things for the better. To Kill a Mockingbird presents honesty as a virtue, but it also suggests that honesty is not always the best policy. At times lying can get you out of a tough or uncomfortable situation, lying is considered cheating it can be used to your advantages, and the truth can cause more damage than a small lie. To put it in other words, lying can be a good thing at times even if it means breaking a principle that honesty is a way of life or even putting other people in harm’s way just to save yourself. It just depends on how far you’re willing to keep up the act to hide the truth, whether the truth being life or death or a petty question, everyone has their reasons to keep things a secret.

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Lying can get you out of a tough or uncomfortable situation and making excuses can bring the lie to live. After leaving the church and heading home, Jean Louise Finch (Scout) asks a rather awkward question “what’s rape, Cal?” (Lee, 126) And Calpurnia quickly responds “It’s something you’ll have to ask Mr. Finch about,” ”He can explain it better than I can…” (Lee, 126). At this point, it was rather obvious that Calpurnia was lying to Scout to avoid the question. A woman at her age and race would know what rape is and heard stories of it at that time. Though she didn’t answer the question, she did lie to get out of a tough situation for her which most people would try to do. With all the racism the question makes it very uncomfortable for Calpurnia, but as she lies to Scout it sounds believable, and Scout believes it too, carrying on with other things. As lying can help with covering for your feelings, it can do more as well as saving yourself, but putting someone else in harm.

As the court is in session for Tom Robinson’s ca…

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