The Handmaid's Tale Summary

The sample essay on The Handmaid’s Tale Summary deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on. A?Serena sits while Offred kneels on the floor. Rita, Cora, and Nick stand behind Offred. Nick s shoe touches Offred s. She shifts her pes off, but he moves his pes so it touches hers once more. A?Serena starts watching Television while Offred starts to woolgather about how she and Luke purchased bogus passports when they decided to get away.

A?They told their girl they were traveling on a field day and planned to give her a sleeping pill when they crossed the boundary line so that she would non be questioned or give them off.

The Handmaid’s Tale Literary Analysis A?They packed nil in their auto because they did non desire to elicit intuition. Summery- Chapter 15 A?The Commander strike hard the door and comes into the sitting room without Serena Joy s permission.

A?He unlocks the leather screen box, and lift out the Bible. A?Offred admirations what it is like to be a adult male like him, surrounded by adult females who watch his every move. A?The Commander begins reading the narratives of Noah and Adam and Rachel and Leah out of the Bible. A?Commander reads a transition that accent about kid, and her married woman started shouting quietly. A?Offred was familiar to these narratives from the ruddy centre, where she heard so every twenty-four hours during breakfast.

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A?Offred Remembers the clip she met Moira in the bathroom and Moira decide to forge unwellness in hope of flight. A?She failed to get away and was harshly tortured by the Angels. Summary- Chapter 16 A?The Ceremony Continues, after reading the Bible. A?Offred was in Serena Joy s sleeping room with to the full clothed except her healthy white cotton underclothes. A?She lies between Serena Joy s legs, caput on her tummy, and both keeping their manus while Serena Joy s rings excavation into Offred s custodies. A?Once the commanding officer is finished with his responsibility he leaves the room. A?Then, Serena lets travel of Offred custodies and asked her to go forth the room, without Giving Offred a remainder. A?Finally while go forthing the room Offred admirations which one of us is worse for the Commander. Summery- Chapter 17 A?

After the ceremonial Offred goes to her room. A?She puts butter on her face and custodies that she hid in her shoe during the dinner to replace for lotion. A?Offred can t autumn asleep, so she decides to steal a Narcissus pseudonarcissus, a flower. A?She wants the flower to be the message to the following Handmaids, by concealing it under the mattress A?After stealing the flower she finds nick nowadays in the posing room. A?Offred thinks of Luke as she kisses Nick. She thinks that Luke would understand. A?Offred thinks that this is excessively unsafe and they both separate. A?Nick informs Offred that commanding officer wants to see her in his office tomorrow. Summery- Chapter 18 A?Offred returns to her room. A?She lies on the bed believing about Luke. A?

Offred images Luke dead, his organic structure lying in the brushs where they had been caught seeking to get away. A?She imagines of a 2nd state of affairs where Luke is captured and imprisoned.  She thinks of a 3rd state of affairs where he has escaped safely from the boundary lines and that one twenty-four hours she will have a message from him in an unexpected manner. A?Simultaneously, Offred believes in all three of these state of affairss, so that if any one of them was to go true she would non be surprised. Seminar III: Pages 97-131 A?This seminar will concentrate on the subjects of Oppression and Fertility through the usage of Elementss of Cognitive design. Oppression A?Shown through lSocial stratums created in Gilead society lUse of Handmaids as a natural resort lHandmaid s Inability to revenge Birthrate A?

Shown through handmaid s ability to gestate commander s Wive s sterility Character- Aunt Lydia ‘s remark A?Point: Through Offred ‘s ideas it is emphasized that the exclusive intent of Handmaids is to engender citizens for Gilead. A?Proof: “ Remember, said Aunt Lydia. For our intents your pess and your custodies are non indispensable. ” Analysis A?Aunt Lydia s remark is a apt representation of the Handmaid dystopia, which is emphasized through subjugation carried unfeelingly on Moira. Atwood shows to the reader that Aunts besides possess some sort of power even though adult females are already at a lower prestigiousness than work forces in the totalitarian society of Gilead. Atwood besides portrays Handmaids as a uterus with weaponries and legs ; even if their weaponries and legs were to be amputated Handmaids will still be able to function their exclusive intent of being babe vass.

It is merely their birthrate which is valued in the Gileadean society. Secondary Beginning A? The Handmaid ‘s ain narrative dressed ores on the destiny of adult females in Gilead who are seen and used as mere agencies of procreation. Handmaids are considered “ two-legged uterus ” or stupid affair in the generative procedure which is, like everything else in this dystopia, dominated by work forces. ” Klarer, Mario. Orality and literacy as gender-supporting constructions in Margaret Atwood ‘s The Handmaid ‘s Tale. Winnipeg, MB: Mosaic, 1995. Character- Offred ‘s remark A?Point: Offred high spots the commanding officers ‘s subjugation on the Handmaids. A?Proof: ” I wait, for the family to piece. Family: that is what we are. The Commander is the caput of the family. The house is what he holds. To hold and to keep, till decease do us portion. ” Analysis A?Men are superior to adult females is the cardinal foundation of the totalitarian society of Gilead.

Commander is one of the most of import and elect work forces governing Gilead. Offred suffer from the subjugation in Gilead due to her being selected from the government to engender kids for the commanding officer. This is possibly the wages given to her for being fertile. Atwood gives the reader an overview at the significance of the commanding officer: if anything was to go on to the commanding officer the purported family will divide apart. For illustration, Sarena Joy will likely go a Martha, as marring once more is out. It can besides be speculated that sorrow and subjugation of Offred is due to the commanding officer. Tropology- Container A?Point: The writer uses tropology to stress the subject of birthrate and Offred ‘s emotions. A? Proof: “ We are containers, it ‘s merely the interiors of our organic structures that are of import.

The outside can go difficult and wrinkled, for all they care, like the shell of a nut ”. Analysis A? Metaphor: Offred s organic structure is compared with the container A?It is shown through this citation that the society of Gilead has used birthrate to make subjugation on adult females. A? Atwood claims that adult females are valued through their birthrate. This is a ground possibly for Offred to be alive. ( Basically it doesn t affair how a adult female is, the lone thing that affairs is her birthrate. ) A?Their organic structures are used to reap babes for the commanding officer and his married woman. A?She is besides compared to a shell, connoting to the reader that she is been used like an object. A?This is besides a ground for Offred s sadness as she has lost her ain household, while she is giving birth to a kid for a different household, alternatively of her ain. A?

She is moving like a alternate. A?It is dry that the true value of birthrate is held by Offred, although she is been entreated by sterile adult female such as Serena Joy. So fundamentally, Serena Joy is commanding Offred s birthrate, although it s non her ain. Tropology- Rachel and Leah A?Point: Atwood uses a metaphor to stress that Offred ‘s place in Gilead is similar to that of the amah, Bilhah. This Biblical mention is related to the current province of the society. A?Proof: “ Then comes the mouldy old Rachel and Leah material we had drummed into us at the Center. Give me kids, or else I die. Am I in God ‘s position, who halts withheld from thee the fruit of the uterus? Behold my amah Bilhah. She shall bear upon my articulatio genuss, that I may besides hold kids by her ”.

Analysis A?This province of the Gilead Society is based on this scriptural mention and hence it is used as a literary component to pull a comparing. A?This helps the authorities to command the society because faith is used as a powerful tool to either unite or separate people in a society. A?Fertility is related closely to this quotation mark as birthrate is used as a tool to suppress the fertile adult females such as Offred and give power to the infertile. A? For this intent, the first-person storyteller has been assigned as a alleged “ Handmaid ” to a taking functionary and his aging married woman in order to replace for the sterile married woman. ” Klarer, Mario. Orality and literacy as gender-supporting constructions in Margaret Atwood ‘s The Handmaid ‘s Tale. Winnipeg, MB: Mosaic, 1995. Location- Sitting room A? Point: Oppression diminishes the sense of authorization.

A?Proof: “ I would wish to steal something from this room. It would do me experience that I have power. ” Analysis A?Offred needed to steal to see independency and power. Oppression has robbed her of her rights, freedom and sense of authorization. She has to fall back to stealing to experience complete and powerful an act against her ain moralss. Location- Sitting room A?Point: One ‘s security and life takes precedence over money and other secular things during times of subjugation. A?Proof: “ Money has trickled through this room for old ages and old ages, as if through an belowground cavern, crusting and indurating like stalactites ” Analysis A?This quotation mark depicts a clip when money would be wholly worthless due to the isolation and subjugation environing one s life.

It shows that the human inherent aptitude to last is more profound than one s demand or desire for wealth and luxury. A? The exigencies of Atwood ‘s hereafter, nevertheless, brought about by utmost environmental pollution and a attendant drastic lessening in birthrate, necessitate and warrant a pattern like handmaidenry, criminal as it might be by today ‘s fundamentalist canons. ” Beauchamp, Gorman. The Politics of The Handmaid ‘s Tale. Pittsburgh, PA: The Midwest Quarterly, 2009. Discussion A?We read that the Commander takes the Bible out of the box, in which it was kept locked, before the ceremonial. What is the significance of this and what does it typify? Are all work forces allowed to possess the Bible or merely the elites? A?Which of us is worse for the Commander and why? A?Serena Joy allow other people watch Television with here, even though the segregation in that society is of the position of the people. Why would she make that? What is your sentiment about it? Would you hold done the same?

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