Myth Of American Exceptionalism

The following sample essay talks about the myth of American exceptionalism. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

The author begins with famous quote lines as a clear example of “American exceptionalness” and the idealistic descriptions of the united States, especially over the last two centuries. As the author notes how American exceptionalness is similar to other nations that claimed exceptionalness as well. He clears out there are no differences between them when it comes to their self-assertion conduct, many which resulted in a righteous attitude that leads them to think they are positive role models to the world.

A believe that makes the Americans with their privileges and unique qualities to think they are superior than others, when In fact they are no less different. In the first myth, many examples laid on surface of the superior belief, starting from the British than the French, than ending with Portugal and the Soviet Union. They all rewarded their virtues and qualities with “uniqueness”, it is the same belief that made Americans point out their exceptionalness.

They are a reflection of the past great powers that did the same, which makes it a common thing more than special, to point out what you believe is “exceptional”. Tied States places their virtues and morals forward to the world, giving a clear righteous image of them, especially as a country that claims to know more right than wrong. Conducting more claims that America has a respectful behavior, far better than other countries or nations, but the high statistics of civilians’ death caused by the United States, and the many wars that had been involved with over the years, which resulted in more damage, only to conclude that the united States are far from perfect when It comes to behavior.

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The American Myth

In myth 3, The united States magnifies their special genius to the world, t is undeniable their great many success over the years, and the position it earned due to its capability to being creative, Which also again led America to think their exceptional for that special genius, But that genius was not the only factor that helped America gain its global position, It’s also due to the fact that America had many fortune opportunities and natural resources, that all contributed to America’s success as well.

As much as the united States would like to believe of their positive global position In the world, but In reality It contradicts many false political actions that America had made. The forth myth clears how blinded Americans are to those actions. One giving statement or speech from the government washes the reality off the minds of many Americans.

So whatever knowledge or ideals they think they have about America will usually end up being false, And the constant Justifications of those false actions and weak spots of America, Keeps some of those Americans blind from the truth, and that truth Is America Is not responsible for most of the good In the world, That exact truth had been proven when united States invaded Iraq, and The US troops who expected greetings, got more than what they expected. The last myth the author analysis the delusional divine plan for America, and how their destiny is affected by god with a given mission.

An over confident country is the only one that will go In such ways of thinking divinity, and with such confidence it Is dangerous. America might presume those beliefs to think no deceivers or mistakes can fall Into America’s Lovely Nilsson, Leaving America to De no Deterrent Trot toner great powers that claimed virtuousness and divinity. Finally the author gives Americans a chance to view the whole “American Exceptionalness” with much more open eyes.

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Myth Of American Exceptionalism
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