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Successful Writing in College Paper

Throughout college, students will be mandated to write countless numbers of essays through their college education. Various of the assignments will talk about their individual goals and desires. Writing is a way of communicating without having to use our voices.We need writing for a number of reasons. One being jobs; applications, and emailing employees. To be an effective writer you have to be able to put your words in a form where your targeted audience understands what your main points are. To be a better writer you need to take the time on working on your craft and revising your writings to become closer to writing an excellent essay.

In high school, I always had the same problem in writing and reading assignments. I waited to the last night to either figure out what the heck I was going to write ortry to finish reading the chapters. I would do this assignment after assignment. I would never make a outline for my papers. I would never rereadthe chapters if I never understood the content. My pattern throughout high school was procrastination. Writing and reading are a process and they take time and full effort. “You have to sing everyday so you can build up to be amazingly brilliant.” (Jagger 1. ) To become great at something it takes a lot of practice to improve your skill. Yes some people are born with better abilities at first for reading or writing but they still have to put the effort in to become phenomenal. My procrastination would lead me to rush at the last minute and I would end up turning in terrible work for my teacher.I would always wonder whenI would get my papers back why would my grade not as well as I wanted. I would think maybe it’s my teacher’s fault and not me but then next year I had a different teacher with the same results. Would struggle with writing and reading assignments. So i took a step back for a moment is it the teachers or me? I figured out my patterns of last minute work was the probl…

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