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Stylistic Features in A Prayer for Owen Meany Paper

John Irving was born on March 2, 1942, in Exeter, New Hampshire, United States and is an American novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter. Irving had achieved his fame after the international success of The World According To Garp in 1978. Irving often brings his own life stories to his books making them more connectable and lively like with his seventh book A Prayer For Owen Meany. Published in 1989, it tells the story of a unique friendship between John Wheelwright and Owen Meany growing up together in a small New Hampshire town during the 1950s and 1960s. “It makes me ashamed to remember that I was angry with him for taking my armadillo’s claws. God knows, Owen gave me more than he ever took from me-even when you consider that he took my mother.” (Irving. 101). A Prayer For Owen Meany uses many stylistic features to enhance the development of the boy’s friendship like the amazing narrative point of view, the highly personal mood and tone, and well developed characters.

The narrative perspective of A Prayer For Owen Meany can connect or entranced a reader by the friendship told through the first person of John. John Irving’s A Prayer For Owen Meany is an amazing tale about two friends, John Wheelwright and Owen Meany. It documents their adventures through their childhood to their present life as adults. A Prayer For Owen Meany is told through the first person narrative of John Wheelwright. what makes this book successful and not another story of someone’s childhood is the way John Irving uses the inside view of John and Owens weird friendship to hook the reader. ” Dan understood that I loved Owen, and that I wanted to talk with him most- most of all- but that it was a conversation, for both Owen’s sake and mine, that was best to delay. But before we finished loading the baseball cards in the car, Dan Needham asked me ” what are you giving him?” “What?” I said. ” To show him that you love him.” Dan Needham said. ” That’s wha…

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