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Studying Language and Grammar Paper

Learning grammar in a language course.

Grammar is the structural base of how we express ourselves. Studying grammar gives you more important benefits. When you study grammar you improve your reading comprehension, you get a higher status in the society, and you catch the message of a text quickly. Students can dominate the language, it is important at the time of traveling to a new country, and they also improve their handwriting writing and spelling.

Studying grammar help students to expand their knowledge so that they can dominate the language. Students improve their reading abilities; they speak the language with much fluency. When the student is reading a text, he can easily understand the message because he knows perfectly the meaning of every word as his native language. When the student knows the language perfectly, he speaks and writes without any problem.

It also avoids problems of understanding and speaking new languages. If you travel to a new country, you can have problems to understand what other people say and at speaking time. And if you study grammar you avoid those problems. It does not matter how quickly is the person talking you will understand him. And you easily will get a job because you know how to speak in a formal and polite way. People will understand you because you are talking in sequence and using the correct verb tenses.

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It is much important to know the rules because maybe you think you are speaking pretty well but you are not. People who do not know the rules have many problems using tenses, for example, you are telling a person what you did the last week but maybe you are speaking in the future time instead of the past time, and you do not know, and it will sound stupid and strange. You cannot say “Tomorrow I was talking to my mother last week.” And if you know grammar you are going to say “The last week, I was talking to my mother ,” it sounds better, and it has much sense. So, it is much import…

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