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Students and Plagiarism Paper

Plagiarism is the act of using another user’s research or work without providing an adequate citation or crediting the source. Plagiarism is considered one of the most serious violations of intellectual property in learning institutions. Plagiarism is considered the lack of integrity and interpreted as cheating. It does not matter if the students knowingly or accidentally copied the work. However, despite the disciplinary measures taken to ensure that students do not plagiarize their work, most students fail to provide citations as needed. A different number of authors have tried to provide solutions for plagiarism in institutions. Some authors argue that the approach taken by institutions towards plagiarism in student’s work is entirely wrong. Institutions treat plagiarism as a crime or lack of integrity. Both result in harsh penalties to the student responsible. Students do not fully understand plagiarism and instructors and institutions should do more to educate students on plagiarism ethics, detection methods, avoidance and also consequences.

A common viewpoint given by learning institutions and instructors is that students continue to plagiarize in assignments despite the seriousness of the consequences involved. Some argue that students have inherent disregard for school rules and regulations or are rebellious. Susan Blum explains in her article that plagiarism does not indicate the lack of ethics or integrity but the lack of knowledge. Blum notes that institutions approach to plagiarism is entirely wrong. Schools treat plagiarism as lack of integrity by the student or as a crime. Schools that treat plagiarism as the lack of integrity or morality create honor codes. Honor codes are appeals to students to do what is considered right. Honor codes assume that if the social pressure on students is strong enough, they will be less negligent and act accordingly. Students are required to affirm that they will perform per rules set…

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