Stress Theory RATs

Topics: Behavior
The Yerkes-Dodson principle suggests that:
after a certain point, stress can impede one’s performance/health.
there is an optimal stress level that promotes performance.

This factor(s), above all else, determines one’s degree of stress:
One’s perception or interpretation

“Stress” was once labeled a global epidemic, but today experts now compare stress to:
The Black death Plague

Which of the following characteristics is not typically experienced in the fight-or-flight response?
Increased gastric movement

Experts suggest that most stressors fall in this category
Psychointerpersonal influences

The “Buzan method” of journal writing is significant for its ability to:
access both right (feelings) and left (thoughts) brain functions.

These are the three essential criteria for effective journal writing.
Identify concerns, identify emotions, and seek resolutions

In his efforts to study the benefits of journal writing, Ira Progoff discovered the following.
Individuals who started journal writing while on Welfare were more likely to find employment and better housing faster.

True or False? The long-term effects of journal writing are most noticeable when the writer reads previous entries as an impartial, outside observer.


True or False? Journal writing can be thought of as a means of exclusive meditation.

The stress response initially involves this system.
The limbic system

This level of the brain is called the seat of the emotions because it appears to be the first to register pain.
The limbic area

Epinephrine is:
released five times as often as norepinephrine.

The thyroxine axis begins in this endocrine gland.

This brain region is thought to be responsible for creating stressful memory imprints onto the nervous system.

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True or False? Some adept yogis can control their breathing down to one breath per minute, and remain extremely relaxed.

“Energy breathing” is a special technique where you visualize:
breathing air into your head and feet.

True or False? Abdominal breathing is known to help relieve the symptoms of chronic pain

True or False? A commonly held belief about diaphragmatic breathing is that breath has a spiritual quality to it.

This phase of diaphragmatic breathing offers a slight pause before the next inhalation.
Phase IV

True or False? The Shallow Effect: weblink jumping and cherry picking information leads to an inability to concentrate, focus and comprehend a subject well.

People on cell phones show a driving impairment measurable of:
0.08 blood alcohol level

“Superstress” is a term coined by Dr. Roberta Lee to mean:
21st century lifestyle stress

True or False? The term “presenteeism” is a corporate business term to describe high productivity levels often motivated by one’s optimal stress level.

The neurotransmitter associated with chemical addictions, but now also associated with screen addictions is:

Humor is best described as:
a perception.

This theory would most likely explain the use of irony as a form of humor.
Incongruity theory

True or False? Split-brain research has shown that humor is a left brain function.

True or False? For humor to exist, there must be these three things: humorous stimulation, a perception of the stimulation, and an expression of humor.

This is considered to be the lowest form of humor.

According to Dr. Edmund Jacobson, in PMR, each relaxation phase should last ______ seconds.

According to Dr. Edmund Jacobson, in PMR, each contraction should be held for ______ seconds.

Zero firing threshold is
complete muscle relaxation

By and large, the primary symptom of stress is:
muscle tension.

Tragic optimism is:
finding or making the best of a terrible situation.

True or False? According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, basically, stressors fall into one of two categories: guilt or worry.

Logotherapy is a therapy where one:
attempts to find meaning in one’s life.

Jung would not agree with the following statement
Dreams are a fabrication of the unconscious mind.

Kübler-Ross’s original order of the grieving stages is:
denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance

True or False? Kübler-Ross believed that the progression of grieving stages is nonlinear. One can oscillate back and forth between stages and even skip a stage.

This mismanaged style of anger is represented by suppressing one’s feelings.

True or False? Those who have studied the stress emotions often suggest that depression is best described as “anger turned inward.”

The use of sarcasm would be a mismanaged anger trait exhibited by:

The following can be accurately stated about the gender difference of anger.
Women not only express anger differently, they have different stressors.

True or False? Studies show that women are more likely to feel anger as guilt or shame, whereas men are more likely to express anger aggressively.

The archetypal use of this color in art therapy is suggested to represent change.

The following can be said with validity about doodling.
Aggression is expressed in dark, heavy, and jagged lines.

Art therapy is thought to be a good coping technique because:
it increases awareness through non-verbal expression.
it allows the expression of non-verbal thoughts.
it balances right (non-verbal) and left (verbal) brain functions.
it allows for the release of toxic thoughts from the unconscious mind.

Correct Response
e) All of the above

True or False? Interpretations are considered the most difficult aspect of art therapy.

True or False? In art therapy, much can be revealed by what is not drawn, not just what is drawn.

Only _____% of lymphocytes are in circulation at any one time.

True or False? The function of T-helpers (CD 4) is to increase the production of antibodies released by T-cells.

True or False? Although hundreds of neuropeptides have now been discovered, Candace Pert hypothesizes that perhaps only one neuropeptide molecule exists and changes its vibration as a result of an emotional processing.

True or False? According to cell biologist, Bruce Lipton, cells don’t have the ability to both grow and protect their own integrity at the same time

True or False? The premise of Gerber’s stress and disease model is that consciousness is energy that surrounds and permeates the human body, and disruptions in the harmony of oscillations can cause illness to the physical body.

In terms of Type A behavior, polyphasia is best described as:
performing several tasks at one time

Codependent behavior deals mostly with this basic fear.
Fear of rejection

This Type A characteristic is thought to be most closely related to coronary heart disease.
Hostile aggressive behavior

This trait, more than any other, distinguishes the sensation-seeker personality.
Calculated risk taking

These three characteristics are thought to be associated with what is now known as the hardy personality.
Challenge, control, and commitment

Statistics provided by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggest that this many Americans (adults and children) use various forms of integrative (mind-body-spirit) therapies:
50 percent

In his stress theory, Richard Lazarus says that “daily hassles” cause stress. Which is a cause of hassles according to Lazarus?
Unmet expectations

This type of stress is most commonly associated with illness and disease.
Chronic Stress

One who suffers from insomnia would fall into one of these three categories:å
Transient, intermittent, or chronic

There are many physiological cycles affected by environmental stressors. Which of the following cycles occurs in less than once in a 24-hour period?
Infradian cycles

True or False? Research shows that keeping a blog about one’s thoughts and feelings is more effective than writing in a notebook for a healthy catharsis.

Current research reveals that journal writing helps in the following way.
Decrease one’s resting blood pressure
Decrease one’s cholesterol levels
Decrease one’s symptoms of fibromyalgia
Decrease one’s sense of grieving

Correct Response
e) All of the above

The ACTH axis begins in which endocrine gland?
Anterior hypothalamus

Addison’s Disease is associated with the failure of this organ.

The adrenal medulla
releases epinephrine and norepinephrine

Epinephrine is
released five times as often as norepinephrine.

Based on brain imaging research in the last decade, which of the follow statements is not true?
Damage to brain cells from chronic stress is reversible

True or False? Nadi Shodhanam is a breathing technique where you visualize white air inhaling, and dark air exhaling.

True or False? By and large, Americans tend to be thoracic breathers, yet when asleep, the body naturally returns to diaphragmatic breathing.

True or False? Abdominal breathing is known to help relieve the symptoms of chronic pain.

Which of the following is not a benefit of Diaphragmatic Breathing:
Decreases resting heart rate
Decreases muscle tension
Increases Oxygen capacity
Decreases stress levels

Correct Response
e) None of the above

For a typical person, the average number of breath cycles per minute during a VERY relaxed state is

Hans Selye listed this as the first stage of his General Adaptation Syndrome

This event in adulthood, more so than any other, this is still thought to be THE most stressful event in one’s life:
The death of a spouse

All but one of these factors is thought to negatively impact sleep hygiene:
Kava tea

True or False? To remember your dreams for a dream journal, tell/remind yourself before you fall asleep that you want to remember your dreams

Poetry therapy is considered to be a form of:
journal writing.

In his efforts to study the benefits of journal writing, Jamie Pennebaker found the following results.
Students reported fewer cases of disease and illness.

True or False? Poetry therapy is an aspect of journal writing in that these entries may eventually be shared with others, win contests and thus help raise one’s self-esteem.

This endocrine gland is called the master gland for its role in hormonal control.

A decrease in this hormone is thought to be related to symptoms of depression

The adrenal gland rests on top of this organ
The kidneys

Vasopressin is released from which gland?

True or False? Diaphragmatic breathing is only effective when done lying down.

These are the requirements for diaphragmatic breathing to be most effective.
A comfortable position, concentration, and visualization

Anxiety breathing is:
When a person holds their breath

“Cognitive Surplus” is a term that best explains:
Digital consciousness with online media

True or False? Brain tissue does not able to adapt to the host of cognitive challenges and stimuli.

Those in high-stress professions, such as nurses, policemen, and EMTs, are renowned for using this type of humor to alleviate job stress.
Black Humor

True or False? The healing aspect of the laughter response is thought to promote the release of various chemical messengers, which in turn strengthen the integrity of the immune system.

True or False? PMR intercepts the stress response by direct conscious inhibition of the excitatory neural drive to muscle fibers.

The concept of “individuation” was coined by this person.
Carl G. Jung

From a Tibetan perspective of mind and stress, stress is believed to be a consequence of:

Suggesting that his happiness theory has fallen short, Martin Seligman now suggests that this factor must be included into the field of positive psychology:
a purposeful meaning in life

“Cutting” is an example of this mismanaged anger style.

True or False? Those who have studied the stress emotions often suggest that depression is best described as “anger turned inward.”

True or False? Studies show that women are more likely to feel anger as guilt or shame, whereas men are more likely to express anger aggressively.

The following can be said with validity about doodling
Aggression is expressed in dark, heavy, and jagged lines.

The archetypal use of this color in art therapy is suggested to represent change.

This chakra is associated with the prostate gland as a result of potential security issues
Root chakra

According to the Borysenko stress and disease model, cancer is regarded as an:
endogenous under-reaction.

Bruce Lipton’s Stress and Disease model is based on his research in the field of:

According to Candace Pert’s stress and disease model:
emotions can either enhance or suppress the immune system through the synthesis and release of neuropeptides throughout the body.

The helpless-hopeless personality is most closely associated with this factor
External locus of control

True or False? Resiliency seems to be the key factor for the hardy personality.

This statement best describes the codependent personality according to Anne Wilson Schaef.
The addictive personality

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