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Stress management Paper

Her current title is Transitional Care Unit Registered Nurse, and she holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She practices In Transitional Care unit. She has been practice in this field for about two years. Professionally she has CPRM and CALLS certification. As a treatment for medical Issue, she said: “l do whatever Is the needs of that particular patient like dressing change for any other patient or cardiac or patient with pulmonary have specific treatment related with their disease.

But as techniques r Interventions to make them feel better I listen to their problem, needs and give my best care as possible to satisfy their needs, and show empathy and compassion. ” Most ethical challenge for her as a nurse Is that when patient Is not cooperative with treatment she/he supposes to do to improve their condition, but refused to do so.

As a nurse she always wanted to do best for her client, but to convenience them with her reason with there is sometime very challenged, because she didn’t want her patient upset and missed important treatment. Her main responsibilities are to fulfill ere patient’s needs as individual, and then give medication as their doctor ordered and do the treatments. The least satisfying about the Job is that she feels bad when patient is in pain or in any condition that she couldn’t help.

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As she said: “sometime, I feel so hopeless and wish I can Just take that pain away. “(This is when pain pill is not effective) The most satisfying about her Job is when patients are recovered fully and discharging for home, because she said: “at the time, I can see happiest smile in their face which make my day, and the thank me or give me biggest hug” She decided o get into this field as a child. ” I always want to do something that make deference in people’s life and also practice compassion as Buddhist. ” Said in very seriously. L had bachelor of science in nursing as education and during my four year of nursing school, I have hundreds of hours in clinical actually hand on with patient with supervise by my clinical instruction and also training in simulation lab with real life scenario. All these training and education preparation me who I am today and helped me to be better nurse. ” as she told me. In order enter in this field to have mom experience related to nursing like nursing assistance experience or any health related that you prepare you better and help you realized what you really want from this field..

Skills and personal qualities that you need to be successful In nursing are have to be very good listener, people person that people can easily approach you for anything, good communication and observation, ability to answer questions and offer advice, As a nurse you will be part of a multidisciplinary team that Includes doctors, physiotherapists, anesthetists, pharmacists, tattletales and many more. You need to know how all these different people work together and have to be a good team worker.

Nursing can sometimes Involve managing distress. Nurses play a key part In deal with emotional changed situation. Her typical workday are -Take report from previous shift RAN, give report to CAN. -Check labs and page Meds for any labs that need reported right away. -Assess patients, order of assessments based on acuity of patient, pain, or if they’re all stable, get any unpleasant patients over with so I don’t put if off forever. Give AM meds during assessments.

Usually done by 1030 or then so some treatment like dressing for particular pet. Do some charting in between and also process doctors new orders. -Lunch when I can. -Give noon medication and PORN pain medications. Then charting again then give report to next shift. In nursing, there are lots opportunities for promotions or advancement like you can be charge nurse, supervisor, nurse manager or director of nursing or so much more. And for advancement you can do further study as to be nurse practitioner.

Yes, in nursing is not Just bedside care, it dependent on what you eke, you can expend your interest like if you like kids you can work with them, if you are interest in teaching, you can become clinical instructions or so much more sometimes you have to take couple extra course or training for particular Job description. Entry level is depending on each facility and insurance are pretty good and it do accept most treatment. You should Join American nursing association to get more information and it’s free for student to Join. She said: “So far I love everything about my Job and I am so glad that I choose nursing as my career. “

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