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Strategic Plan Of Amazon Paper

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Amazon operates In two segments: North America and International. The Company provides its customers with the possible lowest prices by using different pricing strategies ND low shipping prices, and more offers through the Amazon prime membership. Amazon offers certain programs that enable certified sellers to sell their products on its websites and to fulfill orders, and takes such responsibility by providing customer service through email, telephone all the times.

Strategic Plan Strategic planning plays vital role for business based organizations to be a market leader in the segment and to deliver successful management values to the employees of the organization and consumers of the business. Amazon s the best strategic player in technology and it did not rise to the top on the list by inventing a new product like Apple, Google, Microsoft but it did rise due its strong strategic depth. Amazon Strategic planning involves a set of procedures, policies, and framework and of course content.

Beyond these basic elements, Amazon is very good at its strategic planning by anticipating future and managing its supply chain. Amazon does the best by having a formal and integrated plan in place and the process of building the plan itself turns out to be more important than the actual results. Mission and Vision It is very important to have a vision and mission to be successful for a person or an organization; In fact, the vision and mission statements are the key foundational pieces of planning as the mission statement clearly explains why the Company is into business and what’s the purpose of organization is.

Vision Statement Of Amazon

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Mission statements are based upon the following information about the Company Products and services to be offered in the market Ta regret market Differing from competing other business organizations Focusing on short term and long term business goals The purpose of vision statement and mission statements is not the same. Vision statements are different in a way that these statements are built to show where the company is being headed to (Dooms, 2013). Vision statements works as a guidelines for an organization to achieve long-term business goals.

It is important to have a vision statement if the strategic planning process built takes the company towards an end goal. Amazon has had a clear focus and a solitary mission since the day it is launched. Founder Jeff Bozos has publicly referred to the Company’s mission statement s the guiding force for its successful leadership decision many times in the company’s history (Barbara Farman 2012). Amazon Company always has its endless commitment to the mission that is one of the major factor lead the company as a market leader. The mission and vision of Amazon. Mom “Our vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online. ” Objective Amazon company main objectives are Pricing objective is to earn customer and consumer trust, not to optimize horn-term profit in dollars (Andrea James, 2009) Become the best place to buy, find and discover any product or service available online Goal The Company’s ultimate goal is the customer satisfaction along with efficient corporate growth. As Amazon. Mom considers itself a customer centric company, it is obsessed with customer values. The Company not only had the goal of customer satisfaction but also it was and it has to be innovative in many ways to achieve its business expansion. Strategies and Measures Amazon with no doubt will continue to enhance its business, spread ever its brand, expand the customer base and e-commerce expertise with the goal of one stop destination to purchase any type of product in North America and around the world. Few business strategies of the Amazon . Mom are listed below Availability and Fulfillment: Even though it is difficult to deliver the products in within 24 hours Amazon still had some products which can be delivered in a day, and most of the other products takes two to 6 business days according to the consumer choice. Amazon uses e-mail to notify customers with order status under various conditions. One lick purchase: The Company offers its customers with a streamlined ordering process using this one click technology, which enables a customer to place an order with just one click.

Secure Credit Card Payment: The Company utilizes secure server software for secure card transactions by encrypting all the sensitive information. Browsing and Searching: The Company’s websites allows users to search a product with ease and find a product without any difficulty. Review and Content: The Company stores various forms of content just to enhance the customers shopping experience and motivate purchases.

Industrial Analysis As the Company’s main business is to sell various products and services to the customers and with e-retailing in 2002, the predicted effects were more towards the costs of distribution and changes in shopping preferences and habits, than on the ability to search and purchase online. The products and services Markets, distribution channel and customer behavior Economics of production, distribution or servicing An industrial analysis is more important for an organization as it is quite beneficial for managers to understand the competitive forces acting on and teen the organizations in the same domain (Johnson et al. 2006, app). SOOT Analysis Each and every Organization has its own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well. SOOT analyses have been listed below for Amazon . Com. Strengths Diversification of products and services Technology and skilled personnel Strategic planning and it’s depth Supply Chain and logistics management Customer-centric driven and its focus on research and development Weakness Not having a physical location Low profit based Less cash flow Opportunities Growth of online shopping in most populated countries like China, India

Expansion through qua sections Growth in digital media market Social networking The rats Supply Chain Failure due to weather calamities Patent infringement Dependency on vendors Natural or human disasters.

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