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Story Notes: Of Mice and Men Paper

?George is known to be mentally superior to Lennie due to Lennie’s mental disability.On the other hand, Lennie is quite Large compared to George and is described as “a huge man, shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide, sloping shoulders”George is shown to be way more mature than Lennie, again due to the fact that Lennie basically has the mental capacity of a child. Lennie is more naive while George is cynical because he has a better understanding of the problems they face and the world itself along with the people in it. Even though their personalities and physical features have many differences, they are both kind people and care about one another, and this is seen in many situations throughout the novel.

Slim and Curley are both main authoritative figures on the ranch. Most, if not all, of the ranch workers, admire or look up to Slim because he is said to be “an a-h*** of a nice guy.” Slim also is looked up to because of his “skill and craftsmanship; he does his job exceedingly well.” He is nice, level-headed, and an overall good person. Curley is constantly looking to pick a fight and often gets in trouble because he goes asking for it. He can be rude, and I would consider him a bully. He is not a good person and people only obey him because his father is the boss.

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The River

The Salinas River was mentioned and seen in Chapter 1 and in Chapter 6.It was described to run deep and green, on one side of the river was “golden foothill slopes” that curve up on the strong rock Gabilan mountains and on the other side was a valley.

It is important because it represents a sort of “safe haven” for Lennie. George had instructed him to go to the river if he ever got into any trouble. So after Lennie had killed Curley’s wife he went there because he knew George would find him. Even if George did end up killing Lennie there out of mercy, it was still safer for Lennie because it was a lot less long and …

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