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“Staying Alive. Book 1. Endangered species” Review Paper

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Essay on “Staying Alive. Book 1. Endangered species”

This book is the first based on the series, and you know, confirmed the rule that acts, as a rule, in the film, that is often the first part remains the best in the series. So, now I’ll tell you what I had in mind.

As you remember, about the second book, I said quite critical, and I expect that this part will be the same, but I was wrong. In the first start that there are much better placed story – it tells us the fate of the young activists of the green and biologists who cruelly betrayed. As usual, we are waiting for the two stories: the story of life before the plane crash, and a brief story about the life on the island. Both of these pieces of history have turned out to be extremely high quality. Events on the island with the series almost have nothing to do, the key characters of this series meet briefly in two or three rows. The only exception was John Locke – he is at the end of the book acted as a certain thinker – moralist. The heroine deals with a completely new character, though of course in the course of the narrative there are references to the TV series, but it does not participate in them.

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Life is before the crash was very intriguing, with a good quality outcome. Although part of the ending so predictable that you read through the line, knowing in advance what will happen and you wonder naive heroine. But you will not just think that it turned expressionless. Conversely character is sympathetic, she was worried, she is very positive character – believe in love, loves snakes and animals, naive, but at the same time of the event forced her to make important decisions and to change their point of view

The book itself is read. very easy and fun.

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of publications, but at the same time depresses me the idea that the second part was mediocre and it is unlikely we will soon see a new series of books on the series.

that’s all, enjoy your reading.

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