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Anna Funder Stasiland Essay

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Stasiland by Anna Funder: Historical Context

1. Post-War Germany:

a. Watch the film on World War I embedded in the Prezi next to the heading ‘World War I’. List between 3 – 5 important facts you learn about the war, especially facts relating to Germany.

1- During WW1, the British spared the life of a wounded soldier by the name of Adolf Hitler

Stasiland Analysis

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2- It took so long for Germany to pay off the Treaty of Versailles that there final payment was in 2010

3- Germanys debt from ww1 was the equivalent of 96000 tons of gold

4- Germany lost many neighbouring countries after the war

b. Copy the sentences below and fill in the blanks:

At the end of WWI, Germany was found to be ‘guilty’ of causing World War I and was ordered to pay compensation of 132 billion gold marks(Germany currency) The compensation was to pay for civilian damages caused during the war. Germany also had to give over land

to neighbouring countries such as Poland, France and Belgium. Germany’s armed forces were also reduced to 100,000 men.

c. How might the people of Germany have reacted to the high cost of reparations and to the suffering caused to them by the Great Depression?

The German people would have felt mistreated and was seen as a national humiliation, the great depression would have help build resentment amongst the people against the allies.

d. Nazism, as a political force, with Hitler as its leader, grew out of Germany’s humiliating loss of WWI and the economic suffering caused by the Great Depression. Why did these factors cause the rise of Nazism?

The rise of Nazism was due to German resentment against the allies for causing a great depression in Germany therefore Germans were in need of a strong leader to lead them out of the ‘dark ages’and Hitler’s powerful public speaking and promises he made to end the suffering helped grow his support amongst German people.

e. Watch the embedded film on WWII. List between 3 – 5 important facts you lea…

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