The folllowing sample essay on Starbucks Social Media Marketing discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay’s introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.

Some examples of social media communities such as backbone, twitter, my Cutbacks Ideas and so on. According to Cutbacks (Structural, 2010) Cutbacks first came Into existence In 1971 In Siegel, historic Pike Place market when it was owned by Jerry Baldwin, Cave Siegel,and Gordon BOOK r Nine stardust’s coffee canal Is now stressfully serving over Twelve unreal stores in the I-J with approximately million customers every year.

Cutbacks used these social communities beautifully to build up a customer base by implementing ideas given by users.

They successfully derived the feedback from people and utilized them to implement new strategies. 3. RESEARCH PROPOSAL 3. 1 Research Question How Cutbacks social media helped in increasing sales. 3. 2 Hypothesis If social media related to sales, then better access to social media will increase sales.

3. 3 Background Theory As discussed above social media is creating a virtual community for sharing, distributing and debating, which helps to get an overview of people about your product. And if the response is good that can offer you a better sales opportunity.

A website on Social Media that comes alive (Social signal, 20091) states that social media and sales are inter-related to each other, as it increases the awareness and prestige f company’s product and more people want to invest in the company. Furthermore, it builds up a relation of loyalty for the products and services by company and then the customer purchases more often or in a large volume.

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Moreover, Social media can be used to add value to the existing products or services, creating new offerings, or sell more effectively, so that the company can sell more effectively at a higher price or higher volume.

Starbucks Social Media Statistics 2018

A website on Negative effects of Social Media in business (panthers, 20101) states that social media is definitely very helpful. However, it can be definitely insides to social media in business. If a company throws all the social media icons on its page (Twitter, Backbone, Youth, etc. ) and promote that the company is social they can appear pretty out of touch if the pages are not updated regularly. Firstly, the company might get too excited to post information on any portal that they might reveal too much information.

Secondly, it might reveal too much about an upcoming or incomplete product and that allows the competitors to plan. Finally, it might hype up new features of a product that are months away-making customers feel that the rent product lacks in features. 3. 4 Factors for Successful Research Question Selection This question was selected to gain new skills and knowledge by looking into the working techniques of the fastest developed company Cutbacks because it was the one who started this and has consequently perfected it. . 5 Brief Summary to The Organization According to Cutbacks (Cutbacks, 20101) the company first came into existence in 1971 in Cattle’s historic Pike Place market when it was owned by Jerry Baldwin, Cave Siegel, and Gordon Booker. The Cutbacks now has over 500 franchises in the UK and hey are successfully serving approximately million customers every year. A website on the Mission statement (Statistics, 2010)stats that Cutbacks have always been sure of their quality.

Cutbacks claim they have always been trying to find the best source of the finest coffee beans; roast them with great care and improving the lives of people who grow them. They care deeply about all of this and that’s why they say; our work is never done. At the shop they create a place where “All for one and one for all” principle applies. Cutbacks always treat everyone with respect and Locally, Ana nylon can toner to Tanat standard . As stardust’s In ten U K. States, In May 1998, Cutbacks successfully entered the European market through its acquisition of 65 Seattle Coffee Company stores in the I-J.

Both companies shared a common culture, focusing on “a commitment to customized coffee, similar company values and a mutual respect for people and the environment. ” (Cutbacks, 2010 I) Following the next five years Cutbacks was listed in NASDAQ and over a term of 17 years they expanded into more than 49 Countries with approximately 16,000 stores and 160,000 employees. Furthermore, it is also actively involved in the community: as it has been the largest corporate contributor in North America to CARE, a worldwide relief and development organization to help Third World countries where Cutbacks purchases its coffee supplies.

Cutbacks used different methods of promotion but they never spend a very big deal, not because the methods were expensive and need proper exportation’s and implementation. Cutbacks always used and believed the magic of expressions I. E. Word-of-mouth, no other advertising method spreads with this ease and beneficially. The social web has proved as ascend to a new way of marketing: people spend more time in conversations online and, markets have become conversations. The most trusted form of advertising today is a recommendation from another person.

A positive word of mouth from people about any organization builds up the report and even makes people loyal towards the company, these conversations shows where the audience is spending time online and what subjects and issues are of interest to them? A recent prediction from Forrester Research is that within two years, half of all U. S. Newspapers will have ceased production. By the end of 2010 82% of all companies will be using social media marketing because it’s the most effective approach. 3. 6 Context and Rational 3. 6. Problems Faced by Company (name) According to Cutbacks Problem (prospers, 2011 I) after installing its coffee stores across much of North America, Cutbacks Corporation expanded aggressively to overseas and like other global retailing icons, they found that international fame can carry a price. Cutbacks has been boycotted by anti-war protesters in Lebanon and criticized by New Zealand advocates seeking higher coffee compensations to farmers. And faced with the possibility of terrorist attacks, the company has pulled out of Israel. What some see as growth, others see as commercial colonialism.

What some see as international expansion of Cutbacks, others see as the outright hijacking of foreign cultures. A website on Cutbacks Social media and open innovation (Youth, 20101) cutbacks advertising approach was not very vast and they were not getting good response because the coffee culture was not very famous at that time and they were getting a very great competition from the tea culture in America. 3. 6. 2 Reasons for the Research How Cutbacks made it look very easy to get a hold of the market by Just using modern technologies and social media.

According to Cutbacks-social media and open innovation (Youth, 201 Ii) the company said that they are making relationship with the customer not marketing. Which it helped them to grow very quickly, they had 250,000 people signing for the account on my Cutbacks ideas; 100,000 ideas I aim to describe that, what social media is and how it can help in increasing sales. 3. 8 Objectives “To show that one has to walk with the time to be in the race, if you will not keep p with time you will lack behind. ” “To look into the working strategy of one of the world’s fastest growing company, Cutbacks. “To show that if you have a desire to do bring change you can do it, with proper and well planned strategy. ” 4. Literature Review In order to understand that how Social media can enhance sales of any organization, we must know what social media is and how it affects our life every day. Honesty (2010) defines that with the use of social media can bring high traffic to the company’s site; primary traffic where can got direct visitors from social networking ties and secondary traffic which is actually indirect recommendations from websites which is linked and send to visitors.

In a similar way, Mobile prices (2010) states that social media is the best way for the solution of every problem in nowadays. It keeps in touch to the daily latest news, and provides all kinds of business help, the value of shares of many large companies, value of costly things and many more. Using a narrow concept, Ulna metrics (2010) states that it through variously campaigns; many brands have been able to strengthen existing customer loyalty. Giveaways, special offers through social media have brought consumer excitement about their favorite brands to new levels because everyone loves free stuff.

By giving away free stuff these brands and others are using social media to help continue life-long brand loyalty. Their definition is limited in that, Ulna metrics (2010) also states that if the company is ignoring tweets, comments on its blob, wall posts on its Backbone, or other consumer feedback, it hurts it own business. Social media is supposed to bring the consumer and business together and help improve the consumer’s experience by giving direct feedback.

Finally, according to Marketability’s (2010) that “Twitter” is to spend some time designing a nice custom background indicating a company’s or it own personal brand. Using the standard templates and not having a decent sized account (over 1 ,OHO followers) makes the company looks amateur. ‘Consumers do not want to buy from an amateur – they want to buy from the best. So be the best! ‘ It can be concluded that Social media is a very powerful tool different organizations in nowadays, It can surely increase sales by a large volume all one has to do is to implement it properly.

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